A healthy diet accompanied with alcoholic drinks is not something which is advisable. But in today’s world is there a lifestyle without drinking? Though drinking excess is dangerous and might have some drawbacks. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans states that moderate consumption amounts to having one drink per day for men and up to two drinks for women, every day is absolutely fine.

For a healthy lifestyle, these drinks are something that you might drink:

1.Dry Wine

A small dose of wine will help you in boosting your immune system; enough to help you fight off a nagging cold, claimed by a study. The key is to not over drink which can obviously have an inverse effect on your immune system.

2. Champagne

Studies have shown that champagne helps you in enhancing the performance of your memory. So, next time you pour a glass of champagne, toss it as an improvement of your health and well- being.

3. Vodka

Well, it will be surprising to know that Vodka can be your standby in case you run out of your reliable mouthwash.  Not only does it kill smelly bacteria, but a dash of cloves, mint or cinnamon can add a breath of fresh air to your breath.

4. Whiskey

Several studies have revealed single malt provided gives the largest antioxidant boost to your body. The boost of antioxidants in your body reduces the risk of heart disease and heart failure to some extent.

5. Gin

Looking to burn fat all day and night long as well? Gin can help keep your fat burning engines revved while you’re out having a good time. Regular doses of gin can boost your metabolic rate by up to 17 percent.

6. Rum

Rum’s warming and calming properties can help reduce anxiety and help you get a better night of sleep, while it’s anti-microbial properties can help prevent common colds and fight off muscle pain. It can also combat peripheral heart diseases as it acts as a blood thinner.