When you’re in danger, do you think of running home? Consider your home the safest place? But its not the case for Women!

A recent study by the UN suggested that out of 87,000 women that are murdered around the globe in 2017, about 50,000 are killed by their partners or family members.

This latest study by the UN was released on the day which happens to be the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Most number 20,000 of women were murdered in Asia in 2017, followed by Africa (19,000), North and South America (8,000), Europe (3,000) and Oceania (300).

The study attempted to look at violence inflicted on women by intimate partners and family members for dowry and/or ‘honor-related’ matters. The report further pointed out that 30,000 women were killed by a ‘current or former intimate partner’ and that every hour, about six women around the globe are killed by an acquaintance.

Domestic Violence in India

When it comes to violence against women in India, the violence suffered by the women are mostly by the male members of their family. With the large population of India, domestic violence affects about 27.5 million women population. There are different forms of domestic violence found in India.

Physical violence

The most visible form of domestic violence is physical injury which can be in the form of pushing, slapping, kicking, biting, hitting, throwing objects, strangling, beating, threatening with any form of weapon, or using a weapon. Physical injuries as a result of domestic violence against women are more obvious than psychological ones, and can be more easily discerned by health professionals as well as courts of law in the context of legal prosecution.

Sexual assault

Domestic sexual assault is a form of domestic violence which involves sexual/reproductive coercion and marital rape. This is common when the marriages happen at an early age.

Emotional abuse

In recent years, emotional abuse has been gaining more recognition. It is a common form of domestic violence for women in India. It can be very harmful to the physical and mental health of a woman. Emotional abuse also leads to emotional distress among women, which can even lead to suicide.

So where should women go in danger?