It’s that of the year again. Winter is a season of warmth and comfort, hot beverages and festivals. Soon Instagram will be filled with beautiful photos of fashion influencers donning snazzy jumpers and colorful coats with their hair flowing in the wind. However, that’s not realistic. As much as we try, no one looks good in uggs, muffs and 3 layers of clothes.

Unfortunately, some of us dread the season of merriment and holidays. It’s the time of biting air, stuffy nose, freezing hands and stuttering teeth and no, shivering does not count as exercise. It is safe to say that only Elsa is not bothered by the cold. Since we can’t skip forward to spring, let’s look at the silver lining of this cloudy weather. After all there might be a few perks of the cold.


Save some cash:

With a nip in the air, all ACs and fans are off, which is nice on the ol’ pocketbook and saves electricity. If you skip a bath and stop shaving, no one would ever notice if you don’t look your best. Because of the chilly air and lack of sun, you don’t sweat. Throw away all the perfumes and embrace your inner sloth.


Sweater weather:

Hoodies are considered to be a symbol of rebelliousness and isolation. Armed robbers wore hoodies to conceal their identity. Winter is the official season to bring out the sweater collection. You can stick to basic black and move in the shadows of the night, ninja style. Or you can wear the brightest colors and be the sunshine. Best part about hoodies? You can wear the same cloths underneath for days and no one will ever know.


Days are shorter:

During winters, it’s a constant struggle to leave the warm bed, warm pajamas, warm shower and your toasty warm house to go out and brace the cold. Unfortunately, we still don’t have walking beds but the universe makes up for it by shorter days. Cooler temperatures help you sleep better. As the sun sets at 6pm, so you have the perfect excuse for staying home and going to bed. Time to make a warm fort and hibernate.

Winter bod:

If you couldn’t achieve your dream summer body, here is another goal. It’s a thing and way easier to attain. Basically, eat and drink whatever you want because your body will anyway drown under the pile of layers. As layering is the trend, the bigger you are, the hotter you look.

With an extra bonus of lack of mosquitos, enjoy the few months of laziness and stay away from the blues. In the immortal words of Ned Stark: brace yourself, winter is coming.