June 23, 2018
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Category: Food

Enjoy Special Monsoon Menu At These 5 Eateries In Jaipur

Monsoon has finally hit Jaipur and we have taken out our umbrellas and rain coats. This monsoon is a little different though, it’s not just the water raining. Also raining in Jaipur is food with special monsoon menu at these 5 awesome eateries. Chaisa There is no companion like Pakora with a hot cup of […]

5 Must Have Street Food When In Jodhpur

No matter how many restaurants you visit, nothing satiate your cravings for street food. It is the comfort food of many the taste lingers in the mouth for the longest. Jodhpur being a foody city has ‘n’ number of food joints. Here I bring to you 5 street food you must have when in Jodhpur. […]

5 Lesser Known Eateries In Jodhpur You Shouldn’t Miss

Jodhpur is the city of foodies and I know you all agree to it. There are a number of restaurants, cafes and street food joints in Jodhpur. Among many, there are a few hidden food joints you might be missing out on. Here I present to you 5 lesser known pocket-friendly eateries serving yummilicious food you have […]

5 Street Food You Must Try This Monsoon In Jaipur

No matter how many meals you have at fine dining restaurant nothing satiates your cravings for street food. It is where many find their comfort and honestly we can’t agree anymore. We personally are street food hoggers and have had several trips around the city just for good food. Now that its Monsoon and all […]

Do Your Desserts Right With These 7 Chocolate Dishes In Jaipur

Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, it understands. The power of chocolate is undeniable and it is one ingredient loved by all. Add chocolate to anything and it takes the taste to another level altogether. Do your desserts right with these 7 amazing Chocolate Dishes in Jaipur handpicked by us and let the deliciousness flow.   […]

Biscuit Lover? 5 Best Places To Pick Up Biscuits In Jaipur

Biscuits make the world a better place. Name one person who isn’t fond of fresh cookies and biscuits. From morning chai to satiating midnight hunger pangs, biscuits are everyone’s best friend. We are listing 5 best places in Jaipur you should pick biscuits from and fill your pantries with. Karachi Bakery Nothing and literally nothing […]

5 Reasons Why Bani Park Should Be Next Pit Stop For Foodies

Ask anyone about great food in Jaipur and only names that you will encounter are C-Scheme or Raja Park. Well, there is so much more to Jaipur that is underrated and one such area is Bani Park. Amidst the hustle-bustle and chaos, you can totally spend some chill time in Bani Park. Here are 5 […]

10 Dishes Every Paneer Lover Must Try In Jaipur

Paneer!! It’s not just a word, it’s an array of emotion and love. Paneer is most sought after food item not only by vegetarians but also non-vegetarians all over the world. Paneer is an inseparable part of our lives and kitchen. We bring to you a list of 10 Paneer Dishes you must try in Jaipur […]

This Place In Pushkar serves World’s Best 15 Inch Long Pizza

Pizza is everyone’s favorite and also mine. I just can’t doubt the undying love people have for pizza all over the world. On one of my many trips to Pushkar, I stumbled upon La Pizzeria, a quaint little cafe hidden in lanes of Pushkar, which serves the best pizza I have ever had and mind […]

Travelling To Rajasthan? 7 Pickles You Just Shouldn’t Miss

Rajasthan is not only the land of Heritage and Culture but also great food. We Rajasthanis take great pride in our food and the fact that we curate amazing dishes out of most underrated ingredients is wonderful. Every plate of food is incomplete without pickle in it. While travelling across Rajasthan, I got a chance […]
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