June 23, 2018
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Category: Food

#ContestAlert Free Beer Up For Grab If You Get This Tongue Twister Right!

We all like beer. And, we all LOVE free beer. Right? Holywood Lounge knows this fantasy of ours and so they have set up a challenge for all the beer lovers that could win them a free pint. It’s super easy, we promise! Holywood serves the most innovative beer based cocktails you’ll ever have. Their […]

Five Dishes To Hog At If You’re Heading To Jodhpur

The royal city of Jodhpur is known for its Culture, Tradition, Custom, Tahzeeb and last but not the least for its Food. Gulab-Jamun Ki Sabzi Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi is a delicious Rajasthani Curry which is popular in Jodhpur. Is it best served with roti or steamed rice. Tired off the regular sabzis or gravies for the […]

Head Out To These 5 Places For Finest Biryani In Jaipur

There is nothing more irresistible than a hot piping plate of biryani done to perfection. The aroma of rich spices, beautiful colour of rice and the divine taste makes it an all time favourite of many. Being a die heart fan of Biryani, I have explored a lot of biryani joints.  Now when Eid is […]

Get The Best Bombay Sandwich At This Famous Thella Parked Outside Saraogi Mansion

Why are we so excited? Anyone who has experienced real Mumbai street food knows that any other city serves a modified version of it but this Thella in Jaipur is the only source for perfect Mumbai Chat. What’s so special? The Famous Bombay Sandwich wala makes you some well-seasoned sandwiches with moderate prices. This is the […]

We Are Going Gaga Over This 57 Year Old Faluda Shop in Bapu Bazar

Do you have a sweet tooth? Even if you don’t you can’t miss these Faludas, can you? Everything you need to know! Indian Ice Cream and Kulfi Faluda brings some amazing finger licking faludas and ice cream. Not being filmy but ‘ek bar khaoge toh bar bar aaoge’ will not be an understatement. Why is […]

5 Startling Cafes In Mansarovar You Probably Aren’t Hooked To Yet

Nothing is more blissful than devouring good food sitting in a lovely ambience. True, isn’t it? Food can be an adventure when we explore new tastes and cultures and what is better than discovering more such places where we can have one of these experience. Jaipur is brimming with cafes but somehow we have restricted […]

Chole Kulche Devotee? Best Places In Jaipur To Try Them Now

Picture a plate of spicy tangy Chole with soft kulcha dipped in Butter served with some Onion and Green Chilly. Is it drool that I see? Happens. Especially when you are a foodie just like me, it’s an everyday story. Chola Kulcha is one of the best and most selling Indian Fast Food. You can spot a thela every here […]

Eat Your Way Through Ghungroo Seth Vada Pav Company In Jaipur

Vada Pav bole to Hindustani Burger 😉 Vada Pav is no longer limited to Bandstand and Marine drive but With its ever-growing popularity, easy recipe and delicious flavour this Maharashtrian delicacy have become a part of every culture. You can spot various Vada Pav chains all over the country. Ghungroo Seth Vada Pav Company in Jaipur is coming in town to change the non-existing vada pav culture in our beautiful Pink City. Among all the […]

The Belgian Fries Company Is Coming To Jaipur And We Can’t Keep Calm

   EXERCISE is always EXTRA-FRIES Here is everything you need to know ! With its flashy motto “Original Fries, New Style”, The Belgian Fries Company is coming to Jaipur. It provides fries with around 9 toppings all made in house and 3 seasonings types that can be mixed with premium and regular fries, in which premium […]

Pizzas Raining As New York Slice Opens Its New Branch In Vaishali Nagar

Ladies and Gentleman, if you haven’t heard of New York Slice Pizza, you’re missing out on a slice lean and crispy—as you like it. It is no less than a gourmet awesomeness. Life just got a lot easier for mates in Vaishali Nagar. The newest branch of New York Slice Pizza is opening up in Vaishali […]
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