June 20, 2018
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Category: Lifestyle & Trends

The Fashion Project Is Coming To Jaipur For All The Fashion Frolics

Fashion is the Armour to survive the reality of life. We all love fashion and want to dress our best every day. But running from one place to another to shop best of the outfit is such a task. Well, not anymore. Very popular Mumbai-based fashion company, 6 Degree is coming with the first edition […]

Getting Married? Head Over To This Innovative Artist For All Your Trousseau Solutions

We all are well aware of how hectic it is to get wedding trousseau packaging done. Everyone wants to have a picture perfect wedding and wants intricate details in everything.  Sakshi Katta, the owner of “Aesthetic Creations” makes sure to fulfil your every trousseau need. Sakshi has not only influenced many girls and women in today’s generation […]

5 Reasons You Should Totally Visit Biggest Rakhi Exhibition- Shubham

Jaipur is the land of festivals and from small to big, every festival is celebrated with zeal and zest. Rakhi is around the corner and the biggest Rakhi exhibition of Rajasthan- Shubham is back. Shubham will be held on 14 July 2017 and 15 July 2017 at Birla Auditorium. Shubham is an amazing platform for […]

5 Reasons Why Should Be Excited About Talk Journalism Happening In Jaipur

Media is often referred as the fourth pillar. It is that mirror of the society which showcases true faces. Talk Journalism is a three-day media festival happening in Jaipur powered by Zee News Rajasthan to celebrate the power and potential of Journalism and Media. We bring to you five reasons why you should be super excited […]

5 Street Food You Must Try This Monsoon In Jaipur

No matter how many meals you have at fine dining restaurant nothing satiates your cravings for street food. It is where many find their comfort and honestly we can’t agree anymore. We personally are street food hoggers and have had several trips around the city just for good food. Now that its Monsoon and all […]

Once A Delivery Boy From Jaipur Is Now Earning In Lakhs

We all dream of making it big but how many of us actually run behind our dreams and make them a reality? Raghuvir Singh Choudhary started his career as a delivery boy for Amazon after completing his school. He gave up his higher education due to poor financial circumstances of his family. He did not have […]

Ultimate Fashion Terminus For The Men In Jaipur : The Autograph Man

In a world full of trends, be a classic gentleman. Autograph Man is the newest addition to the city and is creating a lot of buzz in the fashion department. Autograph Man is a Men’s wear fashion boutique which was launched early in June. Recently we visited the store and were blown away by the […]

Do Your Desserts Right With These 7 Chocolate Dishes In Jaipur

Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, it understands. The power of chocolate is undeniable and it is one ingredient loved by all. Add chocolate to anything and it takes the taste to another level altogether. Do your desserts right with these 7 amazing Chocolate Dishes in Jaipur handpicked by us and let the deliciousness flow.   […]

5 Humans Of Jaipur You Should Be Inspired From

Life is not always easy, there are days when all you want to do is hide into a cocoon and never get out of it, there are days when you feel like a failure but every sunset is followed by a sunrise. There are so many people out there fighting with odds of life every […]

This Version Of Lollipop Lagelu By NRI Student From Jaipur Will Leave You Grooving

Samuel Singh is an Internet star after his cover of very famous Bhojpuri song ”Lollipop Lagelu”. Samuel who is from Nigeria recently graduated from Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur and while in college he learnt the lyrics and chorus of the song. Samuel came to India for treatment after he was diagnosed with soft tissue cancer in […]
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