August 16, 2018
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Category: Lifestyle & Trends

Glam hits the City – ‘Rajasthan Heritage Week’ Fashion Shows: 30th November-4th December!

Glam of the celebrated designers and the exemplary art of the traditional weavers brought together under the shining lights of the Fashion Show at Rajasthan Heritage Week; and the night was all about the beauty of imperfections of handmade work paired with the resplendent designs of Fashion designers from country and abroad. EYE-CATCHING MEN’S COLLECTION […]

Buzz in the City – Four Lounges in Jaipur that guarantee the Best Last Party of the Year!

Celebrating the New Year brings a fresh start full of opportunity, new leaves and blank slates. New year’s eve is right around the edge and we have started to choose from the multitudinous cafés and lounges that are discernibly going to host the most happening New Year’s Party in town. Toothsome food, rocking music by renowned DJ’s and […]

Four Youth Organisations in Jaipur, Breaking the Myth that Youth of Jaipur is laid-back!

Over the last few years, youth-led organisations have had a growing impact on advocacy and activism in Jaipur. They are leading the movements that haven’t been moved before and supporting the causes that haven’t been underpinned before. They have started to rise above their individual identity and discern their social identity. They are not only […]

Four Haunted Black Corners of the Pink City

Jaipur is a beautiful yet enigmatically mysterious city that beholds obscurity and whispers from a lot of palaces and their kings, of treasures and their keys, of those who died a painful death and are now a part of the broken synchrony. Moving to the *black corners* of our very own *Pink City*, we have some […]

5 things to do in Jaipur that are changing the way youngsters date

The modern day couples have changed the ways and rules of dating; dating is no more about going on just the romantic dinners but it’s about bonding through going on adventures and trying new things together. ConnectJaipur brings to you 5 things youngsters can do on their date: Bowling at Viking, Triton or GT Central […]

5 Places in Jaipur, Breaking the Myth that Jaipur is all about Hukka!

Lately, you might have walked into a new cafe hoping for a warm cup of coffee in a winter evening with your gang of friends, but suddenly found yourself covered in thick smoke of Hukka being fagged in every corner of the room. The hangout scenario of Jaipur has pretty much been somewhat like Delhi, […]

8 Places in Jaipur to visit this Winter for the Perfect Sunrise / Sunset

In the past few years, Jaipur has seen a plethora of cafes open up. Apart from the regular places, some cafes choose to provide its customers with a breathtaking experience with amazing food and beautiful sunsets/sunrises with their rooftop facility. So, here are some places that you can visit this winter and enjoy the perfect […]

Don’t Keep Calm, Its Jaipur’s Birthday Bash!

It’s 8:30 am and I rush out of my house. I can feel the celebration and scent of festivity in the air around me. The Sun is rising in distance kissing our Pink City with the warmth of joy on this chilly early winter morning. After all it’s Jaipur’s 289th Foundation Day also called as Jaipur Sathapna […]

Event Culture that is shaping up Jaipur!

Jaipur is fast emerging as one of the most modern cities of the country. It ranks number 3 on the ‘Smart Cities Mission’ initiated by the Government of India. This speaks volumes of the city’s potential emergence as the country’s next metropolitan. Jaipur is the perfect example of the fusion of age-old wisdom and the rebellious […]

5 High-End Destination Wedding Locations in Jaipur

Jaipur offers a melange of heritage and exquisiteness and thus, is so popular for grandiose marriage celebrations. The wedding season is round the corner and we bring you something to make it simple for your selection. Here’s a list of my favorite destination wedding locations that are not only beautiful and exotic but also can embellish […]
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