August 16, 2018
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Category: What’s Hot

This Is How Jaipur Celebrated Holi At The Holika Music Festival

They played! They laughed! They sang and danced! They enjoyed and they lived! Life is meant to be lived! And people have started believing in it more than ever these days! And now festivals are no more just a homely family affair but a grand extravaganza, after all ‘Whole world is a one big family’ , […]

Two Days Of Fashion, Food, Music And Everything Good

What Is The Buzz About? Tattletales – An unconventional fashion event to reveal the creative minds of the fashion industry and to ensure a wide ranging exposure. Tattletales is a wholesome experience. From shopping to food and music, this event has got everything covered under one name. When and Where Is This Happening? The Banquet at The Grand Uniara, Jaipur […]

This Exhibition In Jaipur Is Set To Bring Art & Artists Out In Open

What’s The Buzz About? The Warehouse Exhibition, which is the first of its kind exhibition happening in Jaipur wherein artwork will be displayed outside the galleries. All You Need To Know About It This exhibition is backed by The Department Of Archaeology and Museums and focuses on contemporary art. ‘Art Through Generations’, the theme wraps up […]

Rajasthan’s First Ever International Triathlon To Be Held In Jaipur

What Is The Buzz About?   After an amazing response from the sports enthusiasts across the nation at THAAR which was held in November last year, the Jaipur cycling community is now coming up with the Jaipur International Triathlon which will see a storm of some serious sporting actions. What Is A Triathlon? Triathlon is a series of three continuous […]

Carnival Of Colors Is Here To Electrify Pink-Town

Get ready to stride on joy ride of colours because the liveliest holi party is here to paint the town with hues of music and fun. What’s The Buzz About? Carnival Of Colors – Holi Music Festival 2017, the coolest holi fiesta of the town that will feature more than five artistes who will make […]

Jaipur Is All Set To Host The Second Edition Of Navras – Nine Days Of Festivity And Art

What Is The Buzz About? A Performing Arts Festival: Navras, that will present a series of rich and diverse productions of theatre, contemporary dance and Sufi, classical, pop and fusion music. Navras was launched in 2016 with music, dance and theatre programs spanning over a period of 8 days. This is the second edition of this incredible celebration […]

Grandest Holi Of The Season Is Here!

What will you call a Holi festival when it comes out of the Nukkads and Streets and takes over its own grander stage and venue? Now that becomes a mega Holi Fest like never before! Till now we’ve been waiting around for the much legendary fests like Tomorrowland and Sunburn, but this year on, you’ll […]

More Than Just Style, F-Salon, Jaipur Fostering Smiles!

Twinkling little eyes carrying stars matching with the golden lights of the salon, gazing around as a radar and sinking in the surroundings in their mind. Curious, excited and overwhelmed they walk through the doors with their minds bubbling with the question- What’s Next? Why? Because it was their day to Foster Smiles! And it […]

Holi-Ka-ha? At Holika! Seven Reasons Why It’s A Must Attend!

We can hear Rang Barse playing in our minds already as the sound of Chang is soon to spread its echoes in the city, declaring Holi Haiiiii! And while, thanks to Bollywood and TV shows, that we have taken a liking for glam and fun filled Holi celebrations with all the music and food, there […]

This March, Foster Smiles With F-Salon!

Fashion for glamour is a song played on loop, but fashion to Foster Smiles; unheard of, right? Well not anymore! We believed that wishing wells and magic existed only in fairy tales and Disney movies’ world, but it seems that lately, the reality and dream worlds have been colliding to be one! However, even in […]
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