May 26, 2018
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Category: What’s Hot

Manipal University’s Magic Is In The Air!

Hey! Look! Something’s going on there! I can see some flashes here and there and oh there’s this melodious laughter in the background! Aah! Yumm! What’s this aroma and where is it coming from? Hold on! Am I somewhere near Manipal University right now? My crystal ball predicts that I am going to a wonderland […]

June Weds Jaipur MUN!

Press, Speakers and everyone else! Lend us your ears! While the bells are singing of the coming MUN in the city, we’ll tell you what’s it really about! MUN aka Model United Nations is what makes every youngster’s beaurocratic dream come true! Well call it an academic competition, only it is much more fun! You […]

Hues On Feathers – A One Of Its Kind Feather Painting Exhibition In Jaipur

All Nature is but Art unknown to thee. – Alexander Pope Art completes what Nature can’t bring to finish. Feather Painting is one such art form that adorns Nature’s unfinished ends. Nature has so many beautiful gifts for mankind and an artist is someone who adds aesthetic values to an object. Pink City’s Aditi Agarwal […]

Buck Up To Showcase Your Talent At Techno-Cultural Fest – Carnival XVII

What’s the buzz about? Carnival XVII, a national level techno-cultural and management fest organised by Rajasthan Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur which is going to be one of its kind piquant celebration of young talent and technology. This two day fest starting from February 17 will pitch shot temperatures in the town with all […]

Have You Noticed The New Hashtag #ShortValentineStory ?

In case you haven’t noticed it already, internet is drowning with creative personal short love stories full of satire, humor, pun , revenge and all other emotions rapped in a few words. Strongest emotions are often shortest to express but lingers for the longest time possible in our hind side, and hence came up #ShortValentineStory Trending in […]

Five Most Fascinating Fairs & Festivals In Rajasthan In The Month Of February

We have attached too much importance to Valentine’s Day and often throw other vibrant fairs and festivals to the wind. As February kicks off we go all bazookas about the WEEK OF LOVE, and fail to care for all other rich, heritage fests that are scheduled throughout the month. So, for the *singles* clan and […]

Five Incredible Humans We Met At Ranthambore

We had been to Ranthambore recently and what a beautiful experience that was! We’d like to thank all the generous people that we met in Ranthambore during the three-day fest. In the course of our escapade to the Tiger town, we came across some inescapable leading lights who made an impression on our heart and […]

Seeking Warmth In The Memories From Day-2 At The Ranthambore Festival

At the edge of night, as the second day of Ranthambore Festival comes to a sweet end, we are freezing along the pool side, seeking warmth in the memories from this day. Wanna take a ride through it? Let’s go! Brain Detox A moment of peace amidst all the bustle of the fest. Tritha Sinha […]

Wending Your Way To Ranthambore Festival? Here’s What To Expect From The Three Day Festival!

Have you been planning to make the best out of the first long weekend of the year? We have plans better than your best! (Unless, your best plan already is hitting the Land of Tigers for the Ranthambore Festival.) Just see in the mind’s eye what aesthetic pleasure that is going to be! Reposing in the […]

Nine Times At JLF When The Clock Stopped Ticking And Time Stood Still

Jaipur’s January jamboree has taken off for another year. As the world of words opened its gate for five days at the Diggi Palace, all bookmen and bibliophiles congregated at the heritage site. Like all other times, even this year was a series of vivid and dramatic affairs. The distinguished authors, the celebrity gawking, the […]
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