January 17, 2018
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Category: #GoLocal

This Mela in Jaipur is going to bring back those old Memories again!

Do you remember the times when you used to visit those Diwali and Dussehera Melas with your parents? Those carnivals, the local touch, the high on energy multi-dimensional Fests that we have grown up with, in a city which defines celebration – Jaipur!  After the success of its first edition, RungNeel, a boutique cafe situated in C-Scheme, has […]

Soak Yourself In The Winter Evening & Celebrate The Art Of Poetry At This Event Happening In Jaipur

“Words are the brush and paint your heart and can take you through every emotion in the world.” We are reminded of this great quote whenever poetry comes into the the picture, a picture painted with beautiful words. And we all know that poetry is an art very few can master. One out of those […]

Eat-meet-socialize with this Crazy Party in Town on New Year Eve

To all the party junkies in town, the most awaited party in Jaipur awaits you! Get your party shoes out and bring in 2018 in style. The Socialite, a cafe and lounge located at Tonk Road, is bringing to you a cool setup with a rooftop, indoor and outdoor areas to party all night long. […]

5 Reasons to attend TEDxLNMIIT

Watch any TED video and you’re most certainly meet  with an intellectual adrenaline rush, like the feeling that rips through you after a significant accomplishment.  Except this time, the thrill is triggered by the imagination and not the act. So, of course we’re biased, but we stand firm that everybody should try to get along […]

बनारस: धार्मिक आस्थाओं और मौज-मस्ती के रंगों में लिपटा शहर

कहतें हैं,                         “ जहाँ खाक़ भी पारस है, वह जिंदा शहर बनारस है ” ‘बनारस’, जो न सिर्फ़ एक शहर है, बल्कि जीने का एक अंदाज़ भी है…एक एहसास है उस हवा का जहाँ आरती, मंदिर की घंटियों और भजन के बीच लोगों की मौज-मस्तियों के ठहाकें भी घुलें नज़र आतें हैं। इस शहर […]

This New Cafe in Jaipur is Opening with an Awesome Friday Sundowner Evening!

Since childhood, we have always loved food which is prepared by hand and made with a lot of love. However the current market trends have changed the way we eat outside and we have largely become accustomed to food which is more of junk and less of crafting and precision. From our coffees to even […]

This Cafe in Jaipur is celebrating Christmas with a difference!

This Christmas season celebrate and make a difference with Rungneel – The Boutique Cafe, a unique place in Jaipur located at Lajpat Marg, C-scheme. Dressed up in a quaint setup, with all the rustic and peaceful feeling, RungNeel proves to be an abode for artists and the crazy minds!   And this Christmas, it has decided […]

Get Your Saturday Sorted With Beer Challenges & Great Music At This Lounge In Jaipur

Most of us have had a super hectic year, with a whole lot of hustle bustle and complete all out ruckus every now and then. Take a little break and head on over for this party that has some crazy challenges for you. So, this Saturday, the 16th of December will be a day that […]

Beer, Parties & Food : This Café In Jaipur Offers Amazing Deals All 7 Days Of The Week!

Jaipur has now become a hub for expansive options in cafés, lounges and hang out spots. We legit have one cafe at every nukkad now, no kidding. We always look up on Zomato for new cafes that have opened in our locality and those cafes become our hang out spot every now and then. When […]

This Cafe In Jaipur Has A Fun Packed Bonfire Evening With Storytelling And Much More To Get You Started For Winters

How do you plan to welcome winters? By lazing around and lying under the layers of your blankets or with fun-filled cozy evenings and delectable food? We mean, since all we need is a reason to party then why not welcome the winters with some yummy food and some great music? We’re definitely craving for […]
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