March 24, 2018
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Category: #Awakening

16 year old Manu Bhaker bags gold medal in ISSF World Cup

16 year old Manu Bhaker shoots India’s tally in the ISSF World Cup to two gold medals and 3 bronze medals by bagging a gold medal in women’s 10m Air Pistol final. The Haryana girl pocketed India’s second gold medal in two days as she leaves behind Alejandra Zavala Vazquez of Mexico. Manu has won medals […]

Take the #LungPowerChallenge and Speak up against Air Pollution

  Hold your breath! No, we mean it! Air pollution has become a hazard like none of us could have ever imagined and the problem is that we have started accepting it as a part of our lives. However, we do not realize the threats that it poses to our future generations, our children, who […]

Here is the Role that parents should play in reducing stress and anxiety in their children before and during exams!

    Parents are a very strong influence in the lives of children. A child’s academic performance, to a great extent, depends on parenting style, family communication patterns, the marital relationship of parents, behavior modification techniques used by parents; in short it has a lot to do with the overall behavior of parents. Parent’s authority […]

Women Protection in Rajasthan – Aparajita Programme ensures women safety

With the Women’s International Day fast approaching, Team Where India Connects wants to connect to all the ladies out there and do some social awakening. Even though this operation has been under the dark from some time, Aparajita – the women protection programme started by Raje’s government has been doing some wonders. Aparajita center– One Stop Crisis […]

Miss World Manushi Chillar tours India spreading ‘Feminine Hygiene Awareness’

Miss World Manushi Chillar is touring the nation with 7 other beauty queens from the Miss world team, leading her ‘Beauty with a Cause’ tour with her ‘Feminine Hygiene Awareness’ campaign. The former medical student is touching lives by spreading awareness on the sensitive topic of Menstrual hygiene. After touring Kolkata and Hyderabad Manushi attended […]

सवाल: असल मुद्दों से कौन भटक रहा है, ‘सरकार’ या ‘हम’?

देश के आज के माहौल से हम सब वाकिफ़ है | मैं यहाँ इस पर चर्चा नहीं करना चाहता कि माहौल कैसा है, क्यूंकि एक आदर्श समाज के नजरिए से आज का माहौल काफ़ी विपरीत है, जिसमें हम असल और बुनियादी जरूरतों के मुद्दों से भटकते नज़र आ रहें हैं | कुछ धर्म और जातिगत […]

Counseling and Millennials: My Experiences in Striking the Balance

    As a Counseling Psychologist in Jaipur, helping first generation of young adults who are seeking help for mental health issues The decision to return to Jaipur, my hometown, after my M.Phil in Bangalore, was a conscious one. I have always been acutely aware of the social issues plaguing the youth in the city, […]

From ‘Padmavati’ To ‘Padmaavat’, How Did Removing The Face Of The Movie From The Poster Made A Difference?

After innumerable problems that Padmavati faced, the movie was at last approved, but at what conditions? The Sanjay Leela Bhansali film will be released with certain modifications suggested by Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) after certain Rajput groups, mainly the Karni Sena, alleged that the movie distorted history. The makers of controversy-ridden period epic Padmaavat, originally […]

Mentrual hygiene: How Padman is slated to affect mindsets of the viewers!

There has been quite a buzz about Padmavat in the past few months. But, when movies are a point of discussion, they should be about the real-life implications they are themed around and the societal concerns they involve, if any. This brings me to a movie, which we should be talking about – Padman. Not […]

A Layman’s Guide to Counseling and Why it is Okay to Not be Okay

What is Counseling? Counseling is a professional, one to one interaction between a trained person (called a counselor) and a person seeking help (called the client). It is initiated and maintained to facilitate changes in the behavior, emotions, feelings, beliefs and thoughts of client. It is a relationship which is private and confidential. In counseling, […]
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