July 17, 2018
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Category: #Awakening

Jaipur’s Ring Road To Get Status Of National Highway Soon!

The 47-km Ring Road proposed to connect Ajmer Road to Agra Road will be declared as a national highway. As per the proposed provisions of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) , which will be signed between the state government and National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), the road will come under National Highway after construction. […]

ScoopWhoop’s Founder Charged for Sexual Harassment by a Former Woman Employee

There remains what seems like an impenetrable wall of silence around violence and we must all play a role in breaking the silence. – Resee Witherspoon After the recent allegations regarding sexual harassment against TVF’s Arunabh Kumar, a similar case has come to limelight against ScoopWhoop’s founder Suparn Pandey who has been charged under section 354 A […]

Two Laborers Died Due To Safety Negligence at World Trade Park, Jaipur

It’s 2017, still, labor safety is overlooked to save some money on repairing and maintenance. Jaipur witnessed on such incident recently. On Monday, 2:30 p.m., at World Trade Park, two laborers died while 4 got severely injured after falling from a height of 55 feet while repairing a leakage in the ceiling. It is being […]

Petrol Pumps Might Only Operate for Eight Hours and Six Days Only

Petrol pump strike brings in loads of disorder in our lives. So what if we tell you, that petrol pump owners want an eight-hour, six-day work schedule for their employees? The Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers is considering this keeping two major factors in mind viz. government’s push for lesser consumption of fossil fuel as […]

Guess What Drove CNBC’s Young Turks All The Way To Jaipur

While start-up fever has drowned cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai with its high tides, flooding the avenues with zillions of start-ups, Tier II cities ain’t no far. And one of the toughest in this race is our very own Jaipur! Start-Up ecosystem in Jaipur has witnessed a big upsurge over past few years. Buzzing with ideas […]

Udaipur: How System Reacted To This 17YO’s Cyber Harassment Case

Cyber stalking, cyber crime, cyber threats: these three words are every girls’ nightmare. Why? Because her complaints aren’t taken seriously in this country. The cops do nothing but advise them to take down their social media accounts. They don’t even consider this as an issue. This might help you understand her trauma better. Fantastic👍 – […]

‘Trip My Way’ App To Smooth Out Tourism In Rajasthan

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Rajashtan is one of the most culturally rich state of India. And with such a big tag, comes the big responsibility of entertaining tourists from every corner of the world. There are so many exciting things about every place in Rajasthan that no matter how many days one […]

Rajasthan’s Largest 7D Cinema Hall To Open At Science Park, Jaipur

Jaipur is known as a heritage city all over the world. Often, people assume Jaipur and Jaipurites to be old-fashioned and orthodox. But they don’t realize that every moment, Jaipur is growing and coming up with the latest technologies and ideas. Big Project Of Ever Developing Jaipur One such idea is making 7D cinema affordable […]

Here Is How Twitteratis’ Are Taking A Dig At CCD Cockroach Controversy

CCD Cockroach Controversy is getting murkier with the new developments of sexual harassment complaint being lodged by the service lady against the customer in quest. While the debate is catching fire over the web, we have got you a few funny snapshots from Twitter that will tickle your bones like no other. A roach can […]

Service Lady Slapped Customer For Pointing Out Cockroaches In Refrigerator At CCD Jaipur Outlet

What if we tell you that your meal at high end places is as contaminated as the Pani Puri stall’s located at the farthest end of mucky streeet? You would laugh it off, won’t you? But what if you see a bunch of cockroaches in the refrigerator of the same restaurant? What would you do […]
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