July 17, 2018
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Category: #Awakening

Mentrual hygiene: How Padman is slated to affect mindsets of the viewers!

There has been quite a buzz about Padmavat in the past few months. But, when movies are a point of discussion, they should be about the real-life implications they are themed around and the societal concerns they involve, if any. This brings me to a movie, which we should be talking about – Padman. Not […]

A Layman’s Guide to Counseling and Why it is Okay to Not be Okay

What is Counseling? Counseling is a professional, one to one interaction between a trained person (called a counselor) and a person seeking help (called the client). It is initiated and maintained to facilitate changes in the behavior, emotions, feelings, beliefs and thoughts of client. It is a relationship which is private and confidential. In counseling, […]

The stop on ‘Instant Triple Talaq’

Long give live the Indian Lower House for its decision of passing the controversial yet needed bill on ‘Triple Talaq’. Although the opposition members of the RJD, AIMIM, BJD, AIADMK and All India Muslim League stood against the bill, stating it as a faulty proposal. The house however passed it with majority making instant triple […]

Talk of Intolerance| Manganiyar Musicians Terrorized in Village of Jaisalmer

Threatened by villagers and living in constant fear, the 20 Langa Manganiyar families from Jaisalmer’s Danta village, who were forced to flee, have vowed never to return to their native village.The Manganiyar families had faced social exclusion after they filed a police complaint against a temple priest and his two accomplices for murdering a fellow […]

Rajasthan’s 70-yrs-old self-styled godman arrested for allegedly raping 21-yrs-old woman

The Incident came to light when a young woman from Chhattisgarh alleged she had been raped by the 70-year-old godman at his ashram in Alwar in Rajasthan on 7 August. She filed a FIR at Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh, which was transferred to Alwar’s Aravali Vihar police station. After three days of investigation, Rajasthan Police on Saturday […]

This Is What A Resident Of Walled City Wants To Discuss About Mob Fury & Curfew

Hey, people! How was the Sunday for you all? I hope it wasn’t as still as mine. Before you ask why let me tell you, I reside in the Walled City area. The area of this city that is famous for rush and jams amidst other things. So yesterday, Sunday, September 10 didn’t really feel […]

Curfew in 4 Police Stations of Jaipur after heavy violence in Ramganj area of Jaipur

After heavy stone pelting on Friday night in Ramganj area of Jaipur, curfew has been imposed in four police stations, namely, Manak Chowk, Subhash Chowk, Galta Gate and Ramganj police station. The violence caused disruption with few police officials getting injured, an ambulance and Chetak patrol jeep was damaged too. All this happened after a […]

Today might be the last day to gorge at McDonald’s in Jaipur, Delhi, Kolkata and other places

Here is a sad news for all McDonald’s lover, today 169 McD stores across North and East India will shut down business after 11 PM. This might be your last day to indulge into those cheesy burgers, crispy french fries, piping hot McPuff and Iced Tea. Earlier this year, three McDonald’s stores in Jaipur were […]

Body Of Boy Swept Away In Kartarpura Nallah Recovered After 7 Days

Ayush Garg- A resident of Barkat Nagar area of Jaipur who swept away in Kartarpur Nallah due to heavy rain is finally recovered by the rescue team at Gurjar Ki Thadi earlier today. Ayush was driving through Kartarpur Industrial Area Ayush was driving through Kartarpur Industrial Area and swept away with his car 7 days […]

Student Polls In Rajasthan At 7 Universities and 175 Colleges Starts Today

The voting for student union elections began at 8 am today in 7 Universities and 175 colleges in Rajasthan. However, the elections in Universities and Government Colleges in Udaipur division were postponed due to PM Modi’s visit on 29th August 2017. In Udaipur, the voting will be held on 4th September and the results will […]
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