July 17, 2018
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Category: Hotels

Ditch Mithai Ke Dabbe & Try These Unique Gifts This Diwali

Kaju Katlis bohot cliché hogaya na ab? Every diwali, so many mithai boxes get piled up at our places and there is a cycle of those boxes. The same box is is circulated at most of your relative’s places and you legit get bored of seeing the same mithai in different boxes. Here are five […]

5 Monsoon Getaways From Jodhpur You Must Visit

Monsoon is the best time of the year where you can get the Petrichor scent oozing from the earth’s surface. It is the time of love and the time to make plans for amazing trips. We bring to you 5 monsoon getaways from Jodhpur that should be on your list where you can enjoy the refreshing […]

Check Out This Newly Opened Restaurant In Jaipur For An Eagle’s-Eye View Of The City

This city we call home is massive – enormous even, and there are a number of food joints everywhere. On The Way is the newest on the list and should be your next hangout spot. On The Way recently started serving where earlier Chah Bar was and no it’s not the same. It is a completely different restaurant […]

5 Hidden Restaurants In Jaipur You Have Been Missing Out On

Eating out is never a big deal for all food-lovers. Jaipur being the capital city is a heaven for all the food lovers. You can spot a new cafe or restaurant opening every other day. But there are a few hidden food joints that you are unaware of. Here I present to you 5 not […]

5 Lesser Known Getaways From Jaipur You Should Explore For Ultimate Luxury

A very wise one said “Getting away for a little bit, is all you need to make a strong comeback.” Summers are a lot more interesting when you travel but just like us, are you also free only on weekends? While fixing our weekend plans we decided to sort yours as well. I know, I know, […]

5 Hotels in Jaipur Where You Can Experience Royalty On A Budget

If you want to experience royalty in Jaipur but seem to be tight on the budget, then worry not. Check out these amazing hotels in the town that won’t cost you much and would fulfill your dream of gaining a splendid experience at the same time Naila Bagh Palace Delicious food, royal amenities and herbal […]

After Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Dubai, Farzi Cafe Is Coming To Jaipur!

A quirky, chic, modern Indian cafe is about to pitch up in Jaipur soon. Farzi Cafe, a brand name that has been swaying the folks in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Dubai with their fusion Indian cuisine and electric ambiance, will soon jazz up the city crowd. Farzi Cafe is popular for their modernist gourmet, […]

Opening Soon – A Heritage Fortress Turned Resort For A Luxurious Getaway Near Jaipur

What Is The Buzz About? A warrior fortress that has undergone a facelift to build a magnificent, luxurious hotel – Alila Fort, Bishangarh. The bold, striking Jaipur Gharana architecture; serene surroundings; luxury rooms and all other top-notch facilities push this resort to the top in the list. Alila means “Surprise” in Sanskrit, which suitably describes the refreshing […]

This Snug Apartment In Jaipur Can Be Your Next Holiday Accomodation

Enter this new villa Different from where you’ve always been into Explore the beauty of the art Graved upon the walls of its part. What are we talking about? A beautiful, sizeable villa, located in Bani park, providing enough space for the visitors to relax and explore in a calm environment. It is not just another […]

Hanging Chairs, Billiards & Projector – This Terrace Lounge Can Be Your Perfect Date Spot

Exploring Jaipur is CJ’s mission so that we can come up with some interesting or unexplored places for our readers. When we were cafè hoping to find the perfect hangout stops for you guys, we found that every other cafè had its own story and its own uniqueness which calls out Jaipurites for their visit.  A couple of […]