Periods are those days of the month when even a little thing can irritate you. Mood Swings are on the peak and on top of it the period cramps are terrible. Periods are something that cannot be avoided but well, the pain and cramps of periods can be avoided. Here are some easy home remedies that can help you in dealing with the pain of period cramps:

1. Exercising regularly can help relieve painful cramps.

2. Sip some herbal tea and have loads of water.

3. Take a warm bath it helps in relaxing your muscles and even reduces cramps.

4.  The best is to apply a heating pad or even a hot water bottle, this helps in relaxing your tense muscles and will give you a good sleep too.

5. Eat more of seafood, green vegetables, and fruits. They are rich in magnesium

6. Gently massage your stomach with essential oils in a circular motion, this will help you in easing the pain.