Contrary to the popular belief of losing more weight in summer, the winter season can actually help you in losing weight more effectively. So, its time you rethink about your strategy of skipping exercise altogether this winter season.

Science claims that the rate at which our body burns calorie is higher in the winter because it uses more energy to keep itself warm.

Did you know that your body stores two types of fat? One is Brown fat and the other is white fat. White fat stores extra energy leading to obesity. Brown fat, on the other hand, burns more energy to keep our temperature warm to the ideal degree.

Research has shown that not only does brown fat help you in losing weight, it also helps in reducing the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.


Cold weather helps in increasing the brown fat in your body. Sleeping in the cold, for example, can result in an increase in brown fat in the body. When exposed to cold, body burns more efficiently. So, don’t be tensed when the temperature drops. In fact, if you shiver for about 15 minutes, you can burn about 100 calories. This happens because when you shiver, your muscles use glycogen stores and your fat stores dramatically to produce heat, and as a result, burns a lot of calories.

A 2013 study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that shivering or mild shivering can increase the number of calories you burn. The good part is that the calories you burn are often from the fat in your body.


Therefore, Winter is a great time for anyone who wants to work out! If you’re looking at body and muscle building the gym is the place to be. For those who just want to stay fit or shed those kilos you could shift yourself between three days of outdoor activities and three days of weight training inside the gym.