July 22, 2018
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5 High-End Destination Wedding Locations in Jaipur

  • by Aditi Agarwal
  • November 17, 2016

Jaipur offers a melange of heritage and exquisiteness and thus, is so popular for grandiose marriage celebrations. The wedding season is round the corner and we bring you something to make it simple for your selection.
Here’s a list of my favorite destination wedding locations that are not only beautiful and exotic but also can embellish the most special occasion of your life with charm and an incredible magnificence –

Neemrana Fort 


With a Roman amphitheater which seats around 200 people, hanging gardens as well as Uncha Bagh and various other locations for day and night functions, this venue is apt for all those looking to have or host a destination wedding in Jaipur minus the city noise.
The narrow lanes and steps at Neemrana Fort Palace make it a beautiful location for Pre-wedding photoshoots and weddings.  Ready to get married with festivity, drums, dancing, strings of marigold and showers of rose petals!

Samode Palace 

samode palace

At Samode, weddings are indeed made in heaven. From beautifully decorated Regal Ballrooms to Mughal Gardens and Sunset Terrace, Samode offers it all! The Durbar Hall with its exquisite tapestry and glass work is simply stunning.
A place where the regal past blends beautifully with the present, Samode doubles up as one of the exotic wedding venues not only in Jaipur but in India.

Taj Rambagh Palace 

taj rambagh

This turns out to be my special favorite as one of my distant cousin got married here.  I had been to Rambagh a few times before, but following the groom’s baarat procession, red carpets, elephant, horses, flag bearers, lights and music bands was the closest I ever felt to actually experiencing the grandeur of this incredible place.
It has also witnessed marriages of a number of Indian and International Celebs, making it a preferred alternative. Rudyard Kipling’s ballad “Oh East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet” seems to have ring untrue: the twain do indeed meet and mate!

Jaipur Marriott 


Be it an over the top Bollywood-style wedding or an intimate ceremony inspired by royal palaces of Rajasthan – at Marriott your wedding can be exactly as you imagined!
The experience of solemnizing your marriage vows by organizing your wedding in Jaipur Marriott is just the perfect ingredient that will make it unique and set apart from others!



Gleaming under the watchful eyes of Aravali Hills, Fairmont invites guests to join them in imagining a place that is steeped in a rich and privileged heritage, yet is effortlessly modern which is inspired by two most celebrated rulers of India- the Mughals and the Rajputs.
Adding cherry to the cake, exclusive Platinum Honeymoon Programs are also offered.
This is a destination wedding in Jaipur  with a touch of royalty where the ambiance adds to the Indian Wedding decorations.

From picturesque landscapes to lavish dinners these places offer it all but we should not forget that at the end of the day, a wedding, any wedding is about people, it is about two people and their families entangling in the celebration of togetherness!

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