July 22, 2018
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5 Places in Jaipur that are breaking the Myths!

  • by Aditi Agarwal
  • November 14, 2016

After every trip to a “Metro” city (or Goa), it has almost become a trend of the day for the people of Jaipur to bash the city saying things like “Jaipur mein night life nahi hai yaar”, or “Jaipur mein crowd bahut bekar hai…” or more often than not, “Jaipur mein koi classy jagah nahi hai party karne ki”. But if you look at it closely, we are the people who make the crowd and we are the people who can make a place classy.

To break these myths, we are bringing those 5 (of the many) places in Jaipur that have set a new trend, brightened the nightlife of Jaipur and have given the classy youngsters of the city a destination to party!


With the prime location of Ahinsa Circle, the newly renovated Blackout stands apart. The indoor pub can be equated to any happening place of the Metros, while the serene rooftops and the balcony space can be the spot for a group hangout or a romantic date. With a brand new menu, offering mouthwatering dishes, both vegetarian and non vegetarian, and the wide liquor selection makes it one of the must-go places of the city!




With regular gigs (a recent one by Nikhil Chinnapa), live music and a colorful decorated ambience, F-Bar has been true to the brand that it carries. Opened in Golden Tulip at M.I. Road recently, the place offers a great selection of food and drinks (with not-to-be missed Nachos) with a beautiful view and an energetic atmosphere.

“Jaipur mein night life nahi hai yaar”, or “Jaipur mein crowd bahut bekar hai…” or more often than not, “Jaipur mein koi classy jagah nahi hai party karne ki”.

House of People

Popular for its “Mondays” (ironically), HOP (as popularly known) has been a complete surprise. A hip enthusiastic indoors and a chilled out rooftop make it a complete package of a place. The Las Vegas Hotel has been changed inside out with the brand of HOP and the crowd contributes to it a lot. The staff here in particular is polite and helpful. They have some delicious lip-smacking platters (Kebab) to offer, but only if they could improve the proportion of ingredients in their cocktails (such as LIIT and Cosmopolitan) it would well be on top of any list of happening places in Jaipur!



If you want to spend an amazing laid back evening with friends or a cosy happening time with your partner, this could well be your destination. Being located inside Holiday Inn gives this pub an extra edge with the prime location and the added layer of “safety”(which is an important issue). The music is worth a mention, the drink selection is awesome, but they could improve a lot on the menu as well as the quality and taste of the food. Only if you do not care about eating while you take down those pegs, you would be a happy person partying here!

Bar Palladio

Most of the faces would light up with a smile reading this name on the list. This has been a favorite for the high end crowd of Jaipur for a long time now and should definitely make it to the list. Not really for ‘partying’, but this place is just perfect for any hang-out, may it be with your gang of old friends or a romantic date with your love (not-to-be missed winter evenings in one of the canopies). Liquor selection of Palladio is one of the best in town, and the entire setup of the place is perfect for your royal Jaipur Winter Experience.


Feel free to add your favorite spots in the comments below! We would love to hear from you.

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