June 19, 2018
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5 Varieties of Tea to Get You through Winter chills

  • by Kritika Singh
  • November 19, 2017
With winter chills wrapping all around, these hot beverages from different regions across the country are a great way to warm your insides. These drinks help great deal to dispel the cold waves. Handed down from generations to generations, these beverages are brewed with traditional ingredients such as cinnamon, clove, ginger, pepper. These ingredients not only help to create heat in the body but also are of medicinal qualities, helpful in combating against winter problems like cold, cough and throat infections.
Not only these spices, but even fruits that most people associate with cool drinks for summer heat can be given a twist and made terrific winter warming potions. Fruit juices of apples or pomegranates boiled along with cloves and cinnamon sticks, is your go to version of Turkish fruit teas. Spice them up according to your taste with a little imagination of your own.
Look around you at the other states and you will find each state has an amazing hot beverage version to stir and enjoy. Kashmir has the famous Kashmiri Kahwa, green tea blended with saffron, almonds and cardamoms. The hot Kesari Masala Doodh and the steaming Masala Chai from Gujarat or Rajasthan’s Bajra Raab; whether you enjoy them for their warmth or medicinal benefit they will help you get through winters.

• The Basic Black Tea :

One of the most simple and refreshing drinks for the winter chills is the Black Tea. Tea is a part of Indian culture and heritage, tea trails and cafes gaining great popularity among the youth in past years.  It is a great deal to understand that every tea has a unique character of its own.
The black tea is a simple and precise mixture of water, tea leaves and sugar. You can enjoy it best served with homemade jar snacks like herbed sticks, Cheese Frisbees and Shakarpara.

•  Honey Lemon Tea :

 Winters are gloomy and Honey Lemon tea is just the perfect drink to do away with the winter gloom. A refreshing blend of tangy taste tinged by the exotic honey sweet, it will make you feel fresh and spark up your senses a notch higher.

• Tulsi Tea :

Tulsi holds a great deal in Indian culture, both due to its anti-viral soothing properties and it’s attachment to mythological tales.
This Tulsi tea therefore is a great way of comforting and refreshing oneself in the dull winter days, and even more helpful in curing a sore throat with its herbal touch. You can increase its medicinal property a notch by adding lemon juice to it.
And the rather effective blend of herbal and lemon juice, makes it more of a hit on the plate too with its great flavours.

• Kashmiri Kahwa or the Kashmiri Tea : 

This classic drink straight from the valleys of the great Himalaya is sure to resonate with all.that power in it of the Indian spices. A soul warming drink that will instantly perk you up with the astonishing aroma and flavor.
It is green tea infused with a wide range of spices including cinnamon and cardamom. It is served with garnish of almonds and a faint touch of saffron, making it more exciting to sip on.

•  Lemon grass and Mint Tea :

This one tea is something you can savour both on summer and winter days. This milky, spicy combination of lemon grass and Mint is intensely filled with flavours and aroma.
All you will need is chopped lemon grass, mint leaves, milk, tea leaves, sugar and cardamom to get this herbal fresh beverage.
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