July 17, 2018
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7 Struggles You Will Only Relate To If You Have Ever Been An Intern!

What is the biggest irony in the world? You need experience to get a job but can’t get experience without a job. You just cannot argue with us on this. We have all had this experience atleast once in our lives : Being an Intern Nevertheless, unpaid internships are, sadly, somewhat necessary to get a job these days. You got to agree to work at ‘no salary’. Additionally, you will not even get paid for the auto-rickshaw fare.

Here are 7 struggles you’ll only understand if you have been an intern!

Being broke on the regular because you’re paid minimum wage or nothing at all

Money? Haven’t seen that in a while

You are constantly thinking: “Will I be offered a job after this?”

Why am I doing this to myself?

You never actually fully feel like a part of the office

Welcome to the office, alien.

Reading through lists of ridiculous qualifications required for unpaid internships

”Yaar, mai toh eligible hi nahi hun.”

When people ask what do you do, you just cannot explain it anyone

And you end up saying stuff like “I work hard.”

Always having an inferiority comples because ‘you’re just an intern’

The constant turmoil between making the CV better and dignity is real

Most of your days are spent looking at the fellow interns next to you and saying: “What are we even supposed to be doing?”

We basically kill time or do everything that there is, there is no in between

Relatable? We hear you scream internally!

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