July 22, 2018
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8 Coolest Concept Stores In Jaipur

  • by Harshita Yadav
  • March 22, 2017

Shopping in Jaipur is no less than a therapy and with a plethora of concept stores coming up, you have a lot of unconventional options to satisfy yourself completely. We thought to make this task easier for you, and thus here is Connect Jaipur’s find of the exclusive stores in the city:



Anantaya is a great place to shop for handcrafted products which have been carved out by skilled artisans. Be it the textiles, furniture, or the lighting essentials – the products available with them are a fusion of the vintage and modern look.

Find them here


Anokhi offers handmade products which are crafted in appliqué, embroidery, patchwork and bead work, and others. Under this franchise, you will also find the ‘Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing‘ located in the Amer Fort which has archived the historic textiles since the early 1960s. Also, don’t forget to gorge on the delicacies at the Anokhi Cafe when you shop at this concept store.

Find them here

Teatro Dhora 


Teatro Dhora is a part of the ‘Dhora’ label which was launched three years ago in Jaipur. Here, you can purchase clothes, jewellery, accessories, and home decor pieces from some of the India’s emerging designers. The collection offered by them is avant-garde with a reflection of the traditional patterns.

Find them here

Eleven On Ten


Eleven On Ten was launched recently, but we swear you will definitely be spoiled for choices. The label remains true to its name because everything here is exclusive and class apart. They even have a lounge area and a selfie room as trial rooms have become passe for clicking pictures.

Find the here

Soma Shop


The store is primarily dedicated to the age old block printing art where you would find all of their products with an element of these ancient designs. From bags, clothes, and home decor accessories, you would find everything under one roof. Moreover, their apparel and home furnishing collection is also available in organic cotton.

Find them here



Located in the premises of the opulent Alsisar Haveli in Jaipur, Tokree is that quintessential shopping destination where you would find everything ranging from antiques, handicraft collections, and jewelry to clothing and paintings as well. Their vintage block print collection is quite notable.

Find them here



The store offers an eclectic mix of both Indian and western attire and jewellery pieces along with home furnishing products which you can shop amongst multiple labels.  One of the recent additions to their product range are the vegan accessories which have been made out of cork and are available for both men and women. Interesting, isn’t it?

Find them here

91 degree


91 degree is the brain child of the Israeli designer Alon Molay and boasts of the home products which have been assorted from across the globe. The store is a delight to the eyes along with the wide array of handpicked products which include kitchen essentials, decor pieces, furniture elements and a lot more.

Find them here

Get on the shopping spree now!

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