90s Kids or today’s kids?

Today is the day for children! And different decades of kids have had a different lifestyle. Nowadays, mobile phones and laptops has taken over our lives. So, we have decided to bring to you the lives of children pre and post-technology! 



We all remember how every house had a Landline and even the numbers were easy to memorize. The conversations we had with our friend’s parents, before we actually get to talk to our friends. ‘Hello, Namastey Aunty. Saumya Hai?’


Phone calls have become mainstream and have been replaced with the disappearing photographs of Instagram and Snapchat. And we have managed to put filters on them.



We still remember how we used to get those cute cards from Archies and at times handmade ones from our creative friends. And our friends would come to our house and our mom would make aloo puri for them.


We start disliking our friends for not wishing us at 12:00, and expect big birthday message on a Facebook post. And of course our phone is spammed with so many Birthday wishes and our birthday parties with so less people.



We would wait for the festival season eagerly, whether it was Diwali, Holi or Makar Sakranti. Our mom would make amazing dishes for us, we would help her decorate the house and it was always a memory to cherish.


‘Hey! Click my picture with this Diya. The light will make me look good.’ & ‘Chi, what kind of picture is this. Now, I’ll have to fix it with a filter.’ Also, ‘I hope my Holi post gets more likes than her’.



We would spend hours to go through books. Then only we were able to complete our homework. Well if not, then we were ready to build up a story of ink spilling all over our homework or a dog eating it.


Thanks to Google, life has become easier. And if not, then we are just one phone call away from pleading to our friends to send us a WhatsApp snap of their Homework!

So, these were a few things which are different from the lives of the 90s kids and the kids of the 00s! Which reminds us of the quote, ‘Even mobile phones are smarter than kids nowadays!’

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