July 22, 2018
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Now Buy Food, Clothes, Toiletries, Toys Etc. For Your Dogs From This Paw-esome Website

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • May 5, 2017

Dog lovers rejoice! Here is something for all your pup-related woes. Adopt cute fur balls or foster them, buy tasty snacks for your pet, get monthly subscriptions of dog food & goodies, browse through grooming tips & tricks and a lot more on this website- DogSpot.in Here’s are 8 awesome services of this paw-esome website.


DogSpot does not believe in selling dogs, they understand the problems of stays and help them in getting adopted through their portal. This Pan-India portal is live in many cities including Jaipur and you can adopt a dog in your by filling up a form here You may even foster the dogs who need emergency medical care by filling this form.

For Your Dog

You can also buy some amazingly quirky & high quality products for your dog on this website. Chek’em out.

The Wag Tag

Wag Tag is a high-grade stainless steel tag that will ensure that your pet comes back to you in the case of any unfortunate event in which you lose him/ her. It can be easily activated on your smartphone or laptops. It is available on the website for INR 300 and comes really handy with easy instructions to activate. See its details here

Food & Treats From International Brands

Show some love towards your pet and get them international quality food products. DogSpot has a variety of options available not only for dogs but for cats and small pets as well, of brands like Pedigree, Whiskas, Royal Canin, Vitapol etc. on special discounts. Here you can buy hotdogs, meaty treats, duck treats, chicken treats etc. and should you wish to go vegan, they have spinach sticks, cheese sticks, cookies, oats, biscuits, etc. for dogs.

Grooming Time!

You know what, your pup requires as much grooming and caring as you do. DogSpot has got all the necessary things ranging from shampoos, conditioners, deodorizers to hair and nail trimming equipment, towel, shedding control, etc.

Dress It Up

After all the grooming and beautification, the apple of your eyes must suit up in smart clothes, right? So here is something for that as well. This website houses t-shirts, bandanas, coats, jackets, shoes, socks, raincoats et al for your coodle in cute prints and sizes.

Health & Hygiene 

To keep your doggie healthy, DogSpot has got some amazing products like dog toothpaste, dewormer, multivitamin supplements, cervical collar, nursing kit, eye wipes, dog goggles, skin lotions, etc. at amazingly low prices.

Let’s Play Baby

For the furry babies who are all fun and play, here are some cute and non-toxic toys in a variety of materials like rubber, jute, rope and leather. Let your handsome boy have some fun with these uber cute toys.

Monthly Subscription Pack

Should you need to get a specially customized hamper for your baby, subscribe for their monthly packs. Shipped on a fixed date every month, these packs are customized for your cat or dog. Each pack consists of a month’s supply of Royal Canin nutrition, goodies. fun toys and a surprise gift! And if you subscribe for this pack, you’ll be entitled to access events, special discounts, and vouchers as well.

The Wag Club

Being the proud dog owner that you are, you must flaunt your goofy baby and so The Wag Club is here. It is an exclusive club for your pets where you can sign up and have some fun by sharing pictures of your dogs, videos, crazy stories etc. with other dog lovers. Go ahead, introduce your pet to the world! To join the wag club, sign up here

For any foster or adoption related questions and queries, write to them at adoption@dogspot.in

 Support the cause #AdoptDontShop. You may also donate things for strays and foster dogs on this portal.
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