August 14, 2018
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Breaking The Myth That What’s Trendy Doesn’t Fit In The Budget

  • by Ishika
  • March 22, 2017

Walking through the glass door, I step in and find myself into a beautiful closet, dream of any girl. I see to my left, a panorama of ethnic clothes and to my right classiest western wears with a world of amazing accessories. And before I can sink it in, I spot a pair of pretty cool shoes in a box around the corner; alas making it a Cinderella dream. But here’s the twist, it’s not a dream, but a reality! And guess the best part? You get to experience it for real, at 11 on 10, a very new concept store in town stealing the limelight! If you’re a Cinderella wishing for a pretty princess dress, then we’ve found you a Fairy Godmother and the name is Aditi Jain, the lady behind this new shopping saga called Eleven On Ten. She has found you the perfect looks for every occasion and don’t you worry, they won’t fade away at 12 midnight!  Take a look!


There is something about the Polka Dots that never goes out of fashion and one way or another; they find a way into your closets! For your next girls hang out plan, show your edgy side as you adorn these with style. Choose the color that suits your persona the best and make the heads turn as you shine like a diamond!


If red is not your color, then blue is definitely undeniable. If you’re the subtle simple types, then pick out a mono shade midi or dress and layer it with a smart jacket or shrug for that simple flirty look! Yes, the dress does it all for you! And someone once said ‘Simplicity is the most powerful magic.’ (Okay not someone, I said so. But it’s true!)


Even in a crowd of same shades, you are that Can’t-take-my-eyes-off-you color! Bold is sexy and so is black. So put on some black for your next date and rock it in style! Especially if you’re a working woman or a ‘No-Kidding-Don’t-Mess-With-Me’ female, then this outfit is just made for you!


A romantic date night and no Red? However clichéd it may be, but no one can deny that ‘Charm of a woman clad in red is an irreversible spell’! (Oh yes, another one of my quotes.) Adorn this flowy-good-to-look-good-to-feel T-Shirt dress and your guy is going to fall in love with you all over again! And don’t forget to pair it with golden accessories here and there for some added magic.  (Singles out there, bet me you’re getting a date tonight!)


If you are looking for something more than dinner dates and red roses. Plan out an adventure outing for your date and put on this sporty look that will give you all the air of ‘Yes Ma’am’. Oh and yes, don’t forget to wear that million dollar smile of yours! *Wink*


The world agrees that a woman looks most beautiful in an Indian outfit. Kurta paired with palazzo and traditional jhumkas will make his heart skip a beat and who knows he would get down on one knee! *Fingers crossed there*

To go with these gorgeous dresses, they have a wide variety of shoes. Step into these beauties and slay it like a queen!

Also, pick one of these super cute clutches that matches your outfit. P.S. – They sell it for less than 300/- INR. Yes, You heard that right! 😉

Now, if you’re wondering where to get these ornate outfits, fancy footies and adorable accessories from, then we have solved that for you as well. Step into the Fairy Godmother’s closet at 11 on 10!

MEGA ADD-ON: Check-in at the 11 on 10 store, click a picture, like, tag, share and get exclusive 10% off discounts.

Thank us later! 😉 Happy Shopping! 🙂

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