July 22, 2018
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Event Culture that is shaping up Jaipur!

  • by Aditi Agarwal
  • November 19, 2016

Jaipur is fast emerging as one of the most modern cities of the country. It ranks number 3 on the ‘Smart Cities Mission’ initiated by the Government of India. This speaks volumes of the city’s potential emergence as the country’s next metropolitan. Jaipur is the perfect example of the fusion of age-old wisdom and the rebellious youth. Youngsters know how to respect their elders and learn from them. At the same time, the older generation encourages the youth to span out its wings and conquer the sky.

A year ago, poetry slams, stand-up comedy and musical nights were unheard of in Jaipur apart from a few college fests.

Similar has been the case of the plethora of events in Jaipur. It is painful that old art forms such as theatre have seen a dip in the audience. However, they are still performed with the same degree of dedication that keeps alive the brilliance. Youth events have started finding their feet in the lovely Pink city and are fast picking up to become the talk of the town. The youth is joining hands and adding another the modern layer to the depth and intensity of Jaipur’s culture.

A year ago, poetry slams, stand-up comedy and musical nights were unheard of in Jaipur apart from a few college fests. These events were popular in metro cities but Jaipur wasn’t quite ready until six months ago. What started as a brave step to bring this culture to Jaipur has now become the buzz among the youth in this digital world. Budding poets now have eager ears, stand-up comedians are tickling the funny bones of one and all and the talented musicians light the stage with their eye-catching performances. These events are no short in enjoyment, celebration and appreciation of talent.

To add to the enjoyment, there is a very important and required degree of seriousness too in these social gatherings. Courageous as the youth is, social issues such as body shaming, depression, teenage relationships, education system are raised, discussed and sometimes even presented packed with humour, which might have been considered taboo 10 years ago. Indeed, we have come a long way. Being a part of such events infuses a new energy altogether and provides the young generation to socialise beyond their monotonous gadgets. Meeting is better than texting. Always!

What is really commendable, and surprising to a certain extent is the support and even participation from the older generation. Middle-aged people can often be sighted at these events. Well, let’s keep aside supporting for a moment because quite a lot of these events even see their performances. They bring the touch of experience and maturity that perfectly compliment the fearlessness and revolutionary mindset of the youth.

These events have emerged as an indispensable destination for fun and relaxation in an otherwise extremely busy life. The ones most benefitted are the artists who now have a regular stage to showcase their talents. The genius that was once restricted to personal diaries and casual hobbies has now become more concrete and is widely appreciated and loved for its sheer excellence. The audience of Jaipur knows how to appreciate quality. Due to the regularity of these events, the café culture in Jaipur has also flourished with youngsters constantly on the lookout for new places to hangout and chill.

Majority of the cafes provide their place for free and earn money on the order they receive from the attendees which is completely fair. Some of these events are organised completely on a voluntary basis which is truly amazing. The best part about these events is that they are driven by motive of socialising and bringing out the talent rather than reaping economic benefits. The economic aspects would inevitably come into the picture bringing its own pros and cons evolving the culture further but let’s just enjoy this little phase of pure pleasure.

The future of youth events is extremely certain and secured. Jaipur is undoubtedly going to be the new hub of these modern-age events. Quite a lot of ventures have been started by young artists who are sure to progress dynamically which is good news for the transforming event culture. This would also add another dimension to the economic development in Jaipur maybe 3-5 years down the line.

The world should watch out for Jaipur as it is definitely going to produce some amazing writers, comedians and musicians in the coming future. The young generation is most certainly marching ahead in the right direction. At the same time, it is the responsibility of the youth to keep alive and promote our traditional art forms simultaneously for we owe it to the splendour of our legacy!

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