July 22, 2018
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10 Sumptuous Dishes You Need to Try At Jaipur’s Restaurants

  • by Harshita Yadav
  • March 16, 2017

Here at Connect Jaipur, we are well aware of your food cravings and the need to sample out the best dishes at the restaurants around the town that will satiate your taste buds. If you’re bored with trying out the regular fast food, then here’s what we think you should give a try:

Dahi Ke Kebab 


Where: Pind Balluchi, Crystal Palm

Why you need to try it: Dahi ke kebab is an appetizing starter dish where the soft vegetarian kebabs are made out of hung curd and cheese which have flavours of pepper and ginger. What made us fall for it was the soft texture of the kebabs and the richness of the flavours that somewhat hit you with the first bite itself.

Opera Cake


Where: C’est Bon, M.I. Road

Why you need to try it: This dessert remains true to its name and is an opera of layers of almond sponge, coffee buttercream, chocolate ganache along with a glazed chocolate top. You’ll get to experience strong flavours of chocolate and coffee with every bite of this wholesome cake.

Tandoori Chicken

Where: Copper Chimney, M.I. Road

Why you need to try it: The one thing that separates their Tandoori Chicken from the rest is their secret spicy tandoori masala and the way they marinate the chicken in yogurt. This dish would prove to be a delight for the non-vegetarians and is a must try on the list. Simply finger-licking good!



Where: F Bar, M.I Road

Why you need to try it: So, the Pasta lovers, F bar is the perfect place to try out this classic layered dish. You would be spoiled for choices among the Grilled Vegetable, Chicken Tomato & Rosemary, and Ground Lamb Cheese Lasagna. We sampled out the vegetarian one and were simply taken by the deepened flavours of the grilled vegetables and the soft pasta sheets which melt in your mouth slowly and gradually. Omnomnom!

Dal Pakwaan


Where: Tapri, C-Scheme

Why you need to try it: Dal Pakwan is usually eaten for breakfast and its perfect bite comprises of the fusion of the crispy flour-base which is deep fried and referred to as the ‘Pakwan’. It is topped with cooked dal along with a pungent kick of onions, cucumber, tomatoes, and a tangy chutney. What made us gorge on it was the contrast of flavors, textures, and in fact, colors on a single plate.



Where: Little Italy, C-Scheme

Why you need to try it: Power packed with vegetables like mushrooms, garlic, pickled onions, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, chili oil, and mozzarella which adds a tang to each slice- Sicilia is a thick base pizza with balanced flavours. It gets our thumbs up for its amazing taste. Drooling, no?

Exotic Garlic Bread


Where: Tinderbox, C-Scheme

Why you need to try it: You will be sold out in the first bite itself as they serve you the garlic bread with sinful amounts of cheese along with the toppings of mix vegetables. We are sure you wouldn’t want to share it with anyone around after you try it out.

Hazelnut Waffles


Where: On the House, C-Scheme

Why you need to try it: First of all ‘Nutellaaaa’- the most obvious choice and a clear winner, and yes these hazelnut waffles came stuffed with banana, honey along with a fulfilling scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Surely a perfect breakfast for the people with a sweet tooth!

Death By Chocolate


Where: Bake Hut, M.I. Road

Why you need to try it:  Chocolate, Chocolate, and  layers of a helluva lot of chocolate is how we describe this particular dessert. It is one of the specialties of this place, and you definitely need to dig into it to know how it tastes.  An absolute heaven in our words!

BBQ Paneer Wrap


Where: Brown Sugar, C-Scheme

Why you need to try it: This Barbeque Paneer Wrap will surely give a jolt of tandoori flavors on your palate. The wrap is served with marinated Paneer cubes along with oodles of grilled veggies. Oh, the tandoori punch!

Gotta Eat ‘Em All!

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