July 20, 2018
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Best places to have maggi in Jaiipur

5 Places In Jaipur That Serve Super Experimental Maggi Dishes

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • May 10, 2017

I like plain masala Maggi, my best friend adds paneer into hers, my sister seasons maggie with herbs while mom cooks it with loads of veggies, I guess everyone has their unique recipe of Maggi & everyone loves to experiment with Maggi because it is most fuss-free food ever and can enlighten our day like magic. And then there are some creatives heads out there who serve their experimental Maggi dishes at these joints in Jaipur. Here’s our list of the best places where you can gorge  oodles of yummy Maggi noodles

Tapri Central

Masala Maggi at Tapri

Famous for its budget food and varieties of chai, Tapri has made a soft corner in hearts of Jaipur-ites. This place serves an array of gluttony Maggi right from basic Masala Maggi to experimental versions like Fancy Maggi which is maggi tossed with grilled vegetables,  Firang Maggi with mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes giving a continental touch, Tadka Maggi, etc.

Location| C-Scheme



Hidden in a small lane, Chaisa is always swarmed with teenagers and college students. With their exotic and extensive collection of teas from across the world, Chaisa also has an elaborated Maggi menu. Their famous Chammak Challo Maggi for INR 70 is the best maggi ever, trust me on this. They also serve maggi pizza, no kidding, a pizza with maggie noodles. Favorite things together, ah!

Enter into their maggi ki duniya to relish Italian maggi, Fried Maggi, Chow-Chow Maggi, Punjabi Maggi, Maggi cutlets and many others.

Location| Lal Kothi

Tea Tradition

Located in the prime location of C-Scheme, Tea Tradition is a modest hang-out to have a quick chit-chat session with friends over tea and appetizers. Their maggi menu features some exotic variants like Creamy Maggi, Tandoori Maggi, Broccoli Maggi, etc. Their Super Maggi which comes loaded with veggies, olives, mushrooms and chilies for 90 bucks is super yummy and super healthy.

Location| C-Scheme

Bharat’s Bits & Bites

Bits 'n' bites

This small food joint in Raja Park serves the best finger food in town. They have a variety of maggi like Chilli Garlic Maggi, Chinese Maggi, Singapuri Maggi, White Sauce Maggi etc. Apart from this, their bingo bhel, honey chilly potatoes, pasta, pizza, sanfdwiches, etc.

Location|Raja Park

Maggi Express

This street joint of Vaishali Nagar is all about Maggi. It serves some amazing dishes like double masala maggi, Cheese Maggi, Maggie with butter bread, tandoori Maggi, chili paneer Maggi, Maggi patties, Maggi sandwiches, green Maggi, Maggi spril rolls and many other Maggi-ful dishes.

Location| Vaishali Nagar

So what are you waiting for? Guzzle down some quick bites of appetizing maggi dishes with your buddies.

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    A Maggie bonanza with a spicy crisp..
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