July 22, 2018
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Savour Authentic Italian At This Hidden Fine Dine On A Romantic Eve

  • by Saloni Jain
  • April 10, 2017

Italians take their food very seriously and so does La Italia. Now before you wonder what La Italia is, let me explain; I won’t be wrong if I call this a hidden gem amidst the city. Located on the rooftop of Park Inn Hotel, Bani Park, Jaipur, the primary aim of this fine dine is to serve you with authentic Italian food. And the reason why this place qualifies as a hidden gem is because:

The Ingredients

Italian Cuisine mainly focuses on the ingredients used. Therefore, La Italia imports everything from flour, cheese, oil to vegetables in order to ensure A-1 quality. Although every ingredient is foreign, the prices are decent and wouldn’t hurt your pocket. Expect to experience fine Italian food at affordable prices.

The Ambiance

This place will win your heart instantly as you enter. This restaurant has a formal and decent ambiance. Talking about the view from this roof top, it will leave you awestruck. The subtle lights, modern furniture, classy lamps and amazing music will totally boost your mood. And, guess what? There is a counter of pizza oven where you can see the chef baking your pizza with extreme passion and perfection. And, you can also make your own pizza!Check out this short time-lapse of a crispy thin crust pizza in making:

The Food

Every dish served is perfectly cooked and has the right amount of flavours. The presentation of each dish on their menu is very chic and eye catchy doubling your fine dine experience. They have a bar section too. So, be prepared for an array of alcohol and cocktails. We tried a number of their dishes listed below:

Cranberry Twist: Cranberry juice infused with pulpy orange juice and lemon, a totally refreshing drink it is. With the summer getting hotter each day, the drink will cool you down and serve as an impeccable summer drink.

Focaccia With Sauce: This is a complimentary snack they will serve right as you get seated. They alter the flavour of Focaccia bread and the sauce every day. The bread was soft and well prepared and sauce was simply yummy!

Selezione De Bruschetta: Crispy bread with different toppings of tomato, spinach and mushroom and a strong flavour of olive oil is how I would describe this dish. I am not a fan of bruschetta, but loved it anyway.

Stuffed Bell Peppers: I completely loved this delicacy! Colourful bell peppers stuffed with Italian rice donning a balanced taste, this dish will become your instant favourite at the first bite.

Pizza Calzone: They serve pizza calzone with a tomato dip and I couldn’t guess which was more delicious! Calzone was full of fresh veggies and was utterly cheesy while the tomato sauce was a blend of exquisite flavors.

Tiramisu A La Fragola: I needed my friend to ‘pick me up’ (translation: tirami-su) as I found myself drowning in this strawberry flavoured dessert. The strawberry cake was sweet, spongy and fresh and the cream above had enough bitterness to balance the flavour. In one word, it was blissful.

P.S. Everything they serve is freshly prepared and expect to be pampered with their splendid hospitality. Check out their other preparations below:

, Now you know where to go for spending some quality time with your loved ones on a pleasant evening. Becau la vita è bella (life is beautiful) at La Italia.

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