August 14, 2018
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Follow These Top 5 Food Bloggers From Jaipur For Tasty Feeds

  • by Himanshi Goyal
  • December 13, 2016

Food bloggers are the best people, they revive our belief in tasty food. When it comes to sharing meals with social media followers, these food bloggers know exactly what they’re doing.

Here’s our handpicked list of the best food bloggers in town. Follow them and go crazy!

The Food Dictionary

The Food Dictionary is headed by Sabir and his dearest friend. While Sabir always wanted to be a food blogger his friend loved eating food. They don’t realize when food became their passion and passion became their blog. Dieting was too mainstream for them and experimenting is in their blood. They might be newbies in blogging, but trust their taste buds, for they be the best.

Their U.S.P. is self-styled, beautiful food palettes, sight-soothing captures and interesting descriptions, that will have you craving food even after you’ve had a satisfying meal.

Bhukkad Baniya

Pyaaz ki Kachori at Shankar Namkeen, Rajapark. The single most Jaipuri way to kick start your lazy Sunday is with pyaaz ki kachori. It won't be an exaggeration when i say that we Jaipurites are down right crazy about our pyaaz kachories, Jaipur being the birth place of these crunchy, scrummy delight. Shankar Namkeen Bhandar has been a permanent addition to the Rajapark food scene since long now. All of the preparations, from the Navratan Samosas to the Paneer Bread Pakodas are so delicious and equally famous that in rush hours, you'll have to fight a crowd bigger than the Kaurav Sena to get your hands on them. But believe me when i say this, it's a war worth fighting. The staff is a bit deaf (like they won't hear you until you do a full on Viking Battle cry) and would often mess up you order by putting in either too many chutneys or not at all. But as i said, IT IS ALL WORTH. 4 out of 5 burps to this old favourite. #bhukkadbaniya #bhukkad #bhukkadlife #foodie #foodporn #food #foodlove #burp #foodgram #foodgasm #streetfood #streetsofjaipur #streets #beautifuljaipur #jaipurfoodguide #Jaipurfood #jaipurfoodbloggers #jaipur #Rajasthan #jaipurcity #jaipurdiaries #jaipurlove #kachori #snack #foodpics #foodoftheday

A post shared by भुक्कङ बनिया™ | Jaipur (@bhukkadbaniya) on

Bhukkad Baniya started his food blog in the year 2016, and since then he has literally scanned the length and breadth of Jaipur, covering almost all food joints.  His reviews are extremely insightful. From high-end to street food, this blog covers it all. Check out their blog before going out to eat next time, we’re sure your taste buds will be grateful.

Their U.S.P is his style of reporting and reviewing the food. In his words if he likes something it is “Five Burps” and not the usual “Five Stars” and guess what only 3 places have been lucky enough to get 5 Burps from him. Follow him to know which ones.


This food blog is run by two enthusiastic & friendly sisters. Tasty food is a duty call for them, and they being the food police that they are, rush with their buzzing sirens. Their blog will make you thank the seven heavens for food. Gaining fame overnight this blog is a must follow.

Their U.S.P is that since the start, they have gone on to cover almost every food-related thing here in Jaipur, from scrumptious delicacies of On The House to deep fried delights offered in the old city, to the luxuries of ITC Rajputana and even sneak-peeks of upcoming menus at various restaurants. Follow them and stare at yummy food all day long!

The Foodie Panda

<3 is shaped like a pizza slice for a reason! ❤️🍕@fatlulus is now in Jaipur!🎉🎊 Try their amazing New York style, hand tossed pizzas! 🍕 . Fat lulu's is not only serving the best wood-fired pizzas in Jaipur, but also some mouth-watering desserts. . Pizza lovers, what are you waiting for? Head to fat lulu's!😻🍕 . #thefoodiepanda #snapchat : thepandafoodie #facebook : #zomato : ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #trellfood #foodie #foodgasm #foodporn #foodgram #foodgraphy #food #yummy #foodreview #foodbloggers #likeforlike #foodtalkindia #popxofeatures #nomnom #jaipurfoodblogger #instapic #instafood #jaipurfooddrive #zomatoIN #pizza #fatlulus

A post shared by The Foodie Panda (@thefoodiepanda) on

After all the disappointments in life, you’re surely not going to find their blog disappointing. Run by Priyamvada and Parth, this fantastic duo have more than 21K followers on their blog. They are among the top 5 food reviewers on Zomato from Jaipur city. They are avid bloggers and cover everything gluttony available in the city of Jaipur. From reviews to ratings everything is bang on!

Their U.S.P clearly, is the honesty in their reviews, as well as clear documentation of what they eat.

Jaipur Food Coaster 

Jaipur Food Coaster is a brand name amongst Jaipur food bloggers. A look at this blog is going to make you question your culinary experience in the Jaipur city. Who knew Jaipur had so much to offer? You can blindly trust their reviews and opinions about food joints in the town.

Their U.S.P is their authenticity and experience into the field. DM them and maybe they’ll recommend a few places to you.

We hope you finished reading before rushing out to treat yourself with lip-smacking food?

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