June 19, 2018
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Ditch Mithai Ke Dabbe & Try These Unique Gifts This Diwali

Kaju Katlis bohot cliché hogaya na ab?

Every diwali, so many mithai boxes get piled up at our places and there is a cycle of those boxes. The same box is is circulated at most of your relative’s places and you legit get bored of seeing the same mithai in different boxes.

Here are five things you can gift your relatives other than cliché Kaju Katlis that would definitely not be circulated!

Glazed Donuts From Zolocrust

No love sincerer than the love of Donuts, yes! We absolutely love the glazed donuts from Zolocrust, we’re sure you’ll drool to it’s heavenly taste. Topped with chocolate sauce, it add cherry on the top. Gift donuts, you’ll always be remembered.

Macarons From OTH

Chocopies are now old school, switch to macarons for better. We absolutely love the taste that macarons from OTH offer. The little macarons contain more deliciousness that you can imagine. So gift Macarons, be the change you want to see.

Nutella Cupcakes From Sprinkles

Drooling already? We relate to it. The nutella cupcakes from Sprinkles will make you forget your diet and take your sweet tooth on a little vacay. Filled with nutella in the middle, the cupcakes will make you long for more, we guarantee. So gift Nutella Cupcakes, become a favourite relative.

Home-Made Chocolates From Melting Moments By Nita Jaipuria

Because who doesn’t want customised chocolates? Chocolates so drool worthy, you forget everything else. You know what the best part it? You get to select your choice of chocolates from a big range they offer! So gift home-made chocolates, ditch the old-school.

Cookies From Karachi Bakery

The love for cookies is common and we love how cookies can cheer us up! Cookies from Karachi Bakery are a total steal because you just cannot find better ones anywhere else. Embedded choco chips, dry fruits and cherries, make you say “Just one more!”. So gift cookies, initiate a change this Diwali.

Starbucks Frappucinos From Kaju Walla

Starbucks, now in Jaipur? Well not really, but you can grab bottled Starbucks Frappucinos at Kaju Walla and honestly we wish we could get those. Now be the cool relative you wanted to have! So gift Starbucks, be the chill relative.


Stand no more in queues in sweet shops, we have you sorted this festive season.



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