June 20, 2018
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Here Is The Good News For All The McDonald’s Fans! Time To Rejoice Again!

We’ve grown up eating Mc Aloo Tikki and Hash Browns! And there has been no love sincerer than the love for McDonald’s. You just cannot argue with us on this.

The outlets in East and North India had shut down on December 25 due to expiry of eating house licenses. But thankfully, now the supply services are back in action and 167 of the total 169 outlets will start running again really soon. The remain 2 of 169 are under maintenance and will also reopen shortly.

A few days back the cities where McDonald’s was shut went crazy for their former love. But here is the good news, Vikram Bakshi, the estranged partner of McDonald’s has announced that all the 84 outlets that had been shut down will reopen by the end of this weekend all over North and East India! We’re delighted to et our childhood favourite fast food joint back!

Didn’t we make your Saturday better?


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