July 22, 2018
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Craving For Authentic Punjabi Food? Try This A.C. Dhaba in Jaipur 

  • by Saloni Jain
  • April 16, 2017

On a lazy summer afternoon, I began to crave for authentic Punjabi food. So I scanned Zomato and guess what I discovered? This newly opened restaurant called Dhabha Kulture. I instantly called up Kushagra, our photographer, and declared my wish to visit the place. And call it fate, next day my boss told us that Dhaba Kulture has invited us. And this was our reaction. https://giphy.com/gifs/dancing-happy-cartoons-10UeedrT5MIfPG REASON?? I shall give you two, not one!

Dhaba Kulture’s Desi Theme

You can locate this restaurant from afar. Thanks to their unusual exteriors. A truck’s nose overlooking the road from the first floor will definitely boggle you and the moment you step inside, you will instantly feel desi. With bamboo roof, wooden windows, wooden wheels, a well in the middle and a chabootra, peetal ke bartan this place will definitely remind you of a Punjabi pind.

There are three type of sitting: one on the truck, second on khaats and third on chairs and tables and a special one with swings as seats. You will notice that every table is uniquely painted with lots of bright colors reminding you of those doodles on a truck. The decor elements are also brought from pinds of Punjab to intensify the theme. The owners, Rajesh and Nitin have beautifully crafted this jazzy dhaba and have added fine details to almost everything.

Dhaba Kulture’s Authentic Punjabi Food

Okay, so I am not going to talk much about the food because, these lovely pictures will.Our journey to heaven began with these two refreshing desi drinks: Chaach and Lassi. Both of them were thick yet not heavy. They served the lassi topped with cherries and dry fruits and was perfectly sweetened. The chaach was lip smacking too.  Everything in this yummy

Everything in this yummy dahi golgappa is home-cooked, even their puris. I was surprised by the crispiness of the puris, it wasn’t soggy even after 5 minutes of preparing. Talking about the taste, Kush and I gobbled them down in 30 seconds.

“No, it is not an ice cream scoop on the top, it’s dahi bhalla” The waiter exclaimed. But it was not less than an ice cream, yes, it was that soft! This Raj Kachori was extremely flavorful. The spicy filling was balanced well by dahi and meethi chutney.

They served Paneer tikka served on a rolling pin bagging additional points for the presentation. As tempting as it looks, it tasted delicious! Paneer tikka was soft enough to melt in your mouth and with mint chutney, it became even more scrumptious.

Kushagra literally started to play with this thela, the moment it arrived. With enormous amount of salad and yummy Soya Chaap served on a thela, this dish was a treat to our eyes. This cutesy won my heart with the first bite. It was rightly cooked and utterly falvoursome.

 Daal Handi served on a sigri, doesn’t this remind you of pind, eh? With punjabi tadka, desi ghee and desi masaale, it wouldn’t be wrong to call this one an authentic punjabi daal.

Imagine buttery stuffed naan served with a thick and spicy gravy, yes, that’s their Amritsari Naan With Gravy. It was delicately cooked and turned out to be really crispy yet soft to eat. In short, perfect to eat!  Kush and I were served with this much awaited mouthwatering thali compiled of:

  1.  Soya Chaap Masala – I haven’t eaten a dish this unique! I would define it as a delectable dish made of thick onion gravy infused with smooth soya chaap pieces.
  2. Mixed Veg Raita – Curd with loads of veggies and spices perfectly blended into a creamy raita, won’t fail to remind you of your dadi’s kitchen.
  3. Paneer Tikka Masala – This heavenly dish made my evening even better. Fresh, soft panner with smooth-textured, spicy gravy, yummy!
  4. Malai Kofta – Malai Kofta was on a sweeter side and keeping up to its name, it was soft, creamy and instantly blended in my mouth.
  5. Stuffed Naan – Crisp naan with paneer based stuffing which wasn’t too thick and was well baked.
  6. Amritsari Naan – It was delicately cooked and turned out to be really crispy yet soft to eat. In short, perfect to eat!

My journey to paradise ended with Kulfi which was sweet, smooth, and disappeared in my mouth the moment I took it first bite. I haven’t eaten a kulfi this good! OOPS!! I feel hungry already. You too? Then make you way to this air-conditioned dhaba, right away!

Picture Credits: Kushagra Mathur (Aspire Pictures)

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