July 22, 2018
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Head To This Lounge In Jaipur For Their Unusual theme and Boozy Cocktails

  • by Saloni Jain
  • April 9, 2017


Jaipurites are famous for being social and chilling with their folks on a regular basis. Therefore, every now and then new cafes are opening up with funky decor and interiors. Because they know we LOVE visiting offbeat places! Understanding our fondness towards ‘new’, this place in Jaipur has emerged as a completely different theme and has established itself as a Sports Bar. Wow! Finally, a place where you can play games and binge eat its delicious food while sipping on the outstanding collection of beer & wine cocktails. We bet you know which place are we talking about. Well! We are talking about The WTF Cafe located at Man Upasna Plaza, C-Scheme, Jaipur.


The dimly-lit place is so sporty and thrilling! You will see flags hanging above, colorful balls trapped in a cage and pillars/walls decorated with sports equipment. And for the IPL freaks, there are 8 LED TV screens and 2 live screens. Isn’t that exciting? You are not going to miss any of those cricket or football matches. And guess what! You can choose to play from snooker, basketball, air hockey, cricket, table tennis or any board game. The music is perfect to boost the competition amongst your pals.


Get ready to drown in the heavenly food they serve you with. Their presentation is admirable and trust me, you wouldn’t want to eat but stare at the fascinating eatables! From Continental, Italian, North Indian, Thai to Lebanese cuisine, they have it all. Talking about the drinks, they serve a variety of beer and wine cocktails. YES! You read that right. The striking names with an innovative blend or these cocktails would make you want to order one right away! Expect exciting offers each day of the week and drink till you trip. 😉 P.S. You won’t be disappointed by any of the dishes in their ‘Tandoori Items’ section.


thefoodictionary posted on Instagram:

WTF @wtfcafejaipur is all about "eat, play, watch.. Repeat" 😄 IT is a sports lounge, where you can sit and watch sports, or you can play and watch. Yeah, i mean it. Play and watch. Sounds different right? Well, yeah it was.. What's on the table!? So let me introduce every dish no. Wise😂 1⃣ – BARBECUE PANEER PANINI- this was something which had a very tempting presentation. It had paneer in the bread loaf with some caramelised onions and condiments it tasted a little tangy, some sweetness was over there, it was blast of flavours! ❤ 2⃣ DOUBLE FUNGI STUFFED MUSHROOMS – they were our personal favorite, fried mushrooms filled with cheese 3⃣ WTF HOUSE LOADED NACHOS – amazing! Nachos can be this relishing, left me stunned! They were Cheeeeesy! with some olives, jalapeños, beans 4⃣ CRISPY KEBABS- rolls with a delicious filling, and yes! They were Crispy 😃 5⃣ CIGAR ROLLS – small finger sized deep fried rolls, filled with cheese with condiments in it wrapped in a thin covering same as stuffed mushrooms! 6⃣ PESHAVARI AALOO – though they tasted quite well, but they were very heavy. The covering was made up of mashed potatoes and it had yummy filling which had dry fruits in it 7⃣ CRISPY PANEER – simply "paneer pakoda" 😄tasted bad😑, it was bland P. S – every dish was served with a different kind of dip – mustard, pudina, mayonnaise, Schezwan, salsa etc And and and, Don't miss the fun at the WTF this IPL guys!.. A chilled 🍻, lip-smacking food and ipl screening live! On a big screen, what else is needed? 😄 #IPLatWTF Detailed review of @wtfcafejaipur is on Zomato 😊 ✌ link is in the bio ☺️ . . #thefoodictionary #foodies #jaipur #jaipurfood #trellfood #foodgasm #foodgram #foodbloggers #rajasthan #igfood #like4like #l4l #jaipurfoodblogs #pasta #foodmaniacindia #trelltalejaipur #trellingjaipur #dillifoodies #nomnom #streetfood #italian #indianfood #beautifuljaipur #goodfood #buzzfeast #grubzone #indianfoodiye #zomato

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This is what jaipur_foodjunkies have to say about WTF cafe:

Bringing the food frenzy with: Crispy Paneer, true to the name with fresh paneer😊 Thin crust Vegetable Steroid Pizza with toppings of broccoli, baby corn, olives , onions and tomatoes😍 Delicious Dahi ke Kabas with green chutney🤗 Peshawari Aaloo, tastes as good as they look😋 Enjoy the savoury food and drinks while watching live screening of IPL this season. Location: WTF Cafe, C Scheme, Jaipur #IPLatWTF Use #jaipurfoodjunkies for feature #jaipur #jaipurcityblog #jaipurcity #foodjunkiesofindia #jaipurtimes #jaipurdiaries #jaipurfood #jaipurfoodblog #foodpic #foodporn #foodjunkie #foodgasm #foodgram #foodmaniac #foodshots #foodie #foodies #foodbaby #fooddiary #foodfood #foodlover #foodlove #foodislife #foodisbae #instafood #tastyfood #yummyfood #foodclick

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JaipurBuzz says,  “W.T.F – Watch.Treat.Freak. Known for the only sports lounge in Jaipur where you can play , eat , drink , dance and watch under one roof…” Read the full review here.

Now that you have got enough reasons to visit this place, go and have a blast!!

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