July 17, 2018
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Top 5 Places To Visit In Jaipur For Your Next Faluda Party

  • by Shruti Gupta
  • June 6, 2017

I’m sure we all remember school summer breaks and how all our friends use to gather in evening after a game of cricket or strolls in park for Ice cream treats.

We Jaipurites were bit more lucky because apart from choco chip and orange candy, we had heavenly delicious Faluda. It’s June and it’s hot, why not take a trip down memory lane and relish ourselves with some Faluda.

Here are 5 best places in Jaipur to feast onto the delightful combination of Ice cream, Rose Syrup and Sev.


Source- LinsFood

Experience matters when it comes to food. Indian Ice cream and Kulfi Faluda is Iconic and is making Jaipurites happy from last 35 years.They serve Kulfi Faluda and Rabri faluda, both equally famous and delicious. I don’t know one person visiting Bapu Market coming back without enjoying a plate or two of it.

Location- 28, Link Road, Bapu Bazaar, MI Road, Jaipur


Source- India.com

For Jaipurites staying inside Walled city, Guddu Ice cream doubles up as a dating spot. I remember going there often with my parents as a child for luscious shakes and Kulfi Faluda. The quantity and quality both are commendable. Every Jaipurite must visit this outlet once in a life.

Location- 88 A, Nehru Bazaar, Yadgar Gali, MI Road, Jaipur



Source- India.com

This is among my personal favourite for Shakes, Ice creams and Faluda. Another iconic name in walled city, Ram Chandra Kulfi Bhandar has a huge variety of Shakes and Kulfi. Their laccha Rabri is also a must try. The Kulfi Faluda served here is so good that it takes you to another world all together. Try it for yourself to believe my words if you haven’t already.

Location- 222, Badi Choupadh, Tripoliya Bazaar, Jaipur, Rajasthan


Source- Gold Restraunt

If you don’t know Kanha, you shouldn’t call yourself a Jaipurite. With multiple outlets throughout the city, Kanha is the most successful running food chain in Rajasthan. Everything here is full of flavours and is delectable. Their food quality is exceptionally good. Whenever I visit Kanha, which is quite often, I always pick Kulfi Faluda to satisfy my sweet cravings. If you don’t like your faluda too sweet Kanha is you place to be.

Location- Outlets can be easily spoted in C-Scheme, Vaishali Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Tonk Road and Malviya Nagar


Source- Basil Flower

If there is an Ice cream parlour in Jaipur that could satisfy all Ice cream cravings under same roof, this is the One. No matter if it’s summers or winters, Jal Mahal is always packed. They also serve Ice cream cakes, pizza, soda and what not. Faluda they serve is loaded with nuts, ice cream and rose syrup. A perfect end to any dinner is Faluda at Jal Mahal.

Location- 85, MI Road, Jaipur

Call your friends, book a table for dinner and surprise them with a Faluda party at the end for desserts. Because everyday should end with happy mood and good food.

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