July 20, 2018
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Seeking Hair Treatments in Jaipur? Head to this salon!

  • by Ishika
  • April 10, 2017

Whoever said that Diamonds are a lady’s best friend was simply unaware or an idiot, because no they aren’t! Gorgeous hair are a lady’s best friend because they have the power to make our super amazing day a dull one by not being set properly or make a dull day be electrified if it’s a good hair day! (Am I right, ladies? Of course I am!) So yes, I decided to take my best friend on a good pampering session, after all summer is coming and I don’t want them (Yep, curly hair) to take a revenge on me! So I took my appointment and headed to the F Salon in Vaishali Nagar. Well the brand name anyway does charm its way to give you sparkling eyes, but once you enter this super salon, you’ll know exactly why, for all the right reasons.

With such a huge and super classy lobby and reception that accommodates a good seating area and an amazing display of the finest products and brands that they use, I was totally mesmerized and waiting for what all was to unveil. So their service menu has such a wide range of services for hair styling and haircut, spa and make-up, nail art and lots more; but my agenda for the day was to get a good treatment for my hair because more than a temporary fix by a haircut they needed a good nutritional diet.

Now how would you feel when your stylist comes right at the reception to escort you for your luxury experience? No less than Anna Hathaway in Princess Diaries, right? So once I was suggested at the reception for the treatment I could take, I was escorted upstairs by my stylist and my good day began. Starting with checking the quality and texture of my hair by Kush, Hair and Makeup Expert at the F Salon, I was suggested to go along with the Moroccan Oil Treatment which is completely organic and would give a good hydration boost, smoothness, and luster to my hair.   And so we began!  


Nothing feels as good as the fragrance of natural herbs and organic ingredients making their way into your hair while feeling subtly cool in the head and also appealing to sense of smell; Idea being to nourish the hair right from the roots. Their dedication and expertise were evident as they oiled every strand of hair right from roots to tips. The oil can again be selected based on light, fine and colored hair or all hair types.


Champi!!! Yep!  We all love that! While I was already lost in the fragrance of the oils, a good head massage was just the thing needed. Checking along with the right pressure points, the hair expert gave me an amazing head massage. Why this is essential is because it helps in better blood circulation that not only calms and relaxes you but helps in better seeping in of nutrients.


Every step in the treatment had its utmost importance. To wash off the oils, shampoo used was again chosen depending upon my hair type, texture and need. So we went ahead with cleansing!


Next step after nourishing was to apply a hydrating mask. After drying the hair bit, strand by strand the Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask was applied onto the hair and then left for some fifteen minutes to do its charm. It can be applied through the length of the strands as well as the scalp.

And if you must be thinking that I got bored in those 15 minutes, the answer is no. Because F Salon does everything in style! I was offered some beverages from a curated menu as soon as the session had begun and thus all along, I sipped my coffee in all the grandeur making every second count. [Oh. By the way, their crockery is also designer and marked with their much identifiable F logo.}


Once the mask was done, it was time to rinse it off, let the hair dry a bit and style them! Well amidst our chit chats and jolly time during the treatment, my stylist Kush must have figured out how much I love my curly hair, and of course he has an awe-strucking sense of style; so here my curls were styled even better and so we reached the end of the session!

The Look!

Surprise Element here! F Salon gives invoice of the service as well! Never heard of a salon doing that and that even more adds to their awesomeness! What’s more? These products can be bought at the F Salon itself, for their display range is quite evident of it! And to your more excitement, F Salon is soon coming up with its own brand range of products! Told ya, they do everything in style! OTHER HAIR TREATMENTS AT F SALON Moroccan Oil Treatment, Pro Fiber, Color Radiance, Mythic Rituals, Keratin Treatment, Inner Scalp Treatment.

Contact Details

Address: Gautam Marg, Nemi Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan-3020

Phone095495 29999
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