June 18, 2018
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With Love, From Jaipur. Must Have Souvenirs!

  • by Ishika
  • December 12, 2016

Humans are spiritual beings travelling the Earth and while we are already on a journey; a little more rummaging and scavenging through cities, wouldn’t that be splendid? Been in a city for your education or job, or just a traveler on life’s mission, no matter how long or for how short span you stay in a city, there’s a parallel world of memories being created every moment. And a souvenir is that magic that saves those memories and feel of that place. Pretty much a time machine, right? A look at them and you’re taken back to moments bygone. So, for every person who wishes to take along everything about Jaipur, Connect Jaipur brings a list of must have souvenirs from city.


Though of the Turko-Persian origin, it is widely also recognized as a traditional craft of Jaipur and gets its name because of the blue dye used to paint it. A number of shops can be seen selling these beautiful pieces across the Pink City. If you’re someone fond of arts and collecting artistries, then a beautiful piece of Blue Pottery will be a Moon in your collection. Vases, bells, lamps, boxes whatever you like! Make your pick!


Where Rajasthan is vividly known for its colors and vibrant attires worn in the region, ‘Handmade’ happens to be nearly like a second name to this place! While Bandhej or Bandhani prints made by the technique of Tie and Dye and Sanganeri Print produced by Block Printing are looting appreciation worldwide, they are particularly exclusive to this region. Go about anywhere in Jaipur, every traditional clothing shop is sure to have bandhej and Sanganeri Print! From designer labels to mini shops in Bapu Bazaar, with options of sarees, scarfs, skirts, shirts, bags, curtains, covers, show pieces etc.  You can take your souvenir with ease on your pockets!


Jaipur stands on a noticeable rank as one of the best jewelry hubs in the country! With huge names like Surana Jewellers, Motisons to innumerable shops in the Johari Bazaar, if you’re fond of gems and jewels a piece from Jaipur will be an evergreen jewel in your memory.


Heated and hand shaped into bangles and then adorned with minute glass pieces into designs, these beautiful bangles are a beauty on any attire and a must have on your Souvenir list too! (PS: Not just bangles, you can choose lac made other handicrafts too!)


Exquisite Mojris adorn the stalls in traditional markets of the Pink city! Simple yet elegant, they are something for men, women and kids too! Buying a pair or two for your relatives and friends back home won’t be a bad idea!  And yes, they’re pretty cheap too!


While having fancy objects is pretty cool, nothing beats the warmth of a person holding your hand and showing the beauty of life. So make sure that along your time in Jaipur, you do have a good time with the Jaipurites! For “Friends are the best souvenirs from this journey called Life!”  

So, while you’re in Pink City, live to the par of the moment and don’t forget to buy souvenirs that will embrace you with the warmth of this city when you’re away!

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