July 17, 2018
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New Year and Cash Crunch – How To Deal With Demonetization On New Years’

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • December 26, 2016

New Year and Cash Crunch, not a good combination, right ?

Don’t bring down your party spirits because you’re low on cash, we have some fun ideas to do at home for an unforgettable New Years’ party!

Food FOOD!

Ditch old school pastas and cakes this time and try hands on some coin-size appetizers. Bake some sweet potatoes with cheese and bacon, tiny honey breads and cranberry cookies. Put those mini burgers and coin-pizzas, veggies with cheese dip, on menu too and see the magic.
This will bring down the ultimate feast budget and will also be more fun.


Don’t spend a bomb on pretty trinkets for decorations,instead grab some sparkle tubes,craft papers,scissors,glue,markers and your creative brains. Ask your friends and family to help out or better announce a prize for the best creations.

Bring Your Own Booze

Yes yes! This is actually a thing. Ask your guests to get their drinks, arrange them on a side table with beautiful plastic cups and some snacks to accompany and let people help themselves. Share a good drink sans any fuzz of serving.

Take Away

Go on a shopping spree to local market rather than those glitzy malls. You will be surprised by the variety of things they have to offer.
Buy some small size paper bags and good souvenirs from these markets. Now all you have to do is, put in left-overs from the party along with souvenirs in these paper bags along with a little heart-warming message for the recipient.


Miss on those high-end parties with blaring music that will cost you thousands. Create your own playlist of some mind-blasting music for a fun evening. Or ask your guests to get a CD of their favorite music, just do not forget to ask what music they are getting so that you do not end up with piles of Beatles only!
Also, you can later give away a CD to each guest with your little gift packet as a memoir.

Lets welcome new year with new hopes in a complete new manner. Don’t confuse fun with luxury. Money will come and go but memories will stay forever. Pull in your party socks and get ready to set the house on fire!


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