June 23, 2018
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Looking for some realistic resolutions to keep this year? We have got you covered.

  • by Kajal Joshi
  • January 2, 2018

As we relieve over the completion of an year and celebrate the beginning of another one, the thought of taking new year resolutions hovers over us.

However, even if decide to follow some, they don’t seem to last throughout the year. From promising ourselves for working on weight loss, to being less of a spendthrift, we end up letting go our plans in vain.

Our take on this is a rather simple one, firstly, let’s tone down the tendency of setting impracticable goals. It’s the time to decide the resolutions that are realistically achievable and map out effective ways to make that happen.

Here, we are, with a few resolutions that you would want to keep:

1. Manage finances the ‘smart’ way

At the end of the day, it comes to this – how efficiently we shell out those bucks. You need to watch what you spend. You can begin by charting out a monthly budget plan and focusing on adhering to it. Going digital would facilitate this decision since the record of transactions is a click away. What would create an even noticeable difference? Savings. And, for that fixing the savings amount, which you could religiously invest in liquid assets. Not only that ensures good returns, it screams smart finance management.

2. How about we drink but give up ‘drinking and driving’?

Owing to the frequent cases that have put people’s lives in danger time and again, this simple resolution would never hurt to take. You don’t have to give up drinking, all you need to do is take a cab or let another person drive who is sober. This decision would reduce the possibility of an accident that could possibly take lives. No one wants that to happen.

3. Health is Wealth, mind it!

“I will go to the gym regularly”, “I am going to shed weight”, “I will exercise on a routine basis.” Yes, we have heard them all, even pledged to one or two. Made them happen? Well, we know better.

The approach that will increase the chances of making it work is by quantifying these goals. Numerous smartphones app let you track the number of steps you take in a day. Start with that, say, 2000 or 5000 steps a day and gradually pushing that milestone. You could totally pull off a ‘four-days a week’ exercising routine, by fixing the days of the workout than thinking of doing it ‘regularly’.

Similarly, watch what you eat by deciding in advance. Plan your meals, if you can’t cook or eat specific ones, commence with choosing not to eat out. Ensure you have an intake of certain vegetables, fruits or a fixed number of glasses of water and strike that off from your to-do list of the day.

4. Make the work ‘work’ for you

You certainly don’t want to continue working for a place where you don’t feel satisfied. Give job switch a thought, if needed, considering your long-term career plans, and go ahead. It’s never too late to take a step forward in the direction which is right for you.

5. Let it be about you

Let this year be ‘the’ year for you. For that, work on yourself. If you have a hobby, invest time to do it! This will only make you happier. Prioritize tasks, family and, friends, the least you could do is making sure that you give each enough time.

It does not take vigorous efforts on your part, keeping a resolution demands consistency. Go ahead, time to make 2018 ours!

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