July 22, 2018
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8 Places To Volunteer In Jaipur This Summer

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • May 2, 2017

Hola Folks! Summer breaks are here, so what are your plans to make these holidays a fun-filled and substantial experience? Don’t tell me you’re about to lay back on your couch and sip on Rasna while fixating your eyeballs on idiot box!

Gets those lazy butts moving, for we have got you some amazing volunteer experiences which you can sign up for, this summer. Volunteering won’t keep you busy all the time so you can still have all the fun you desire and your small effort is sure to bring a change in lives of many, win-win!



Share your knowledge and skills with those you cannot afford to attend schools. Bhumi volunteer mentor and educate children from slums and villages. This will help you groom your leadership skills and will benefit these underprivileged kids as well.

For further information visit, here or write at mail@bhumi.org.in

Child Rights and You (CRY)


According to a UN report, rights of more than 80000 children are violated across India every day. India’s children account more than one-third of its population and thus it is very much necessary to help these young adults in safeguarding their rights, join CRY and these little ones to lead a life of dignity and equality.

Sign up here to volunteer.

Robinhood Army


Robinhood Army is a bunch of individuals dedicated to feeding poor. They collect leftovers from restaurants, hotels, parties etc. and direct this food to the ones in need.

You can join their campaign here.

Naya Sawera


Naya Sawera is a youth driven NGO working with aim of welfare of people of underprivileged strata of the society.With a team of 500+ volunteers in 5 major cities of India, Naya Sawera has helped a lot of women and children to safeguard their lives.

Visit their website to sign up for the cause.


Raksha is a Jaipur-based organization working for animal welfare and rights. They have a free 24*7 helpline for snakes and birds. Join them in their various projects like water bowl project, nature trek, snake bite management training program, etc.

Visit their website

Akshya Patra


Akshya Patra is an initiative by the government’s end to cater food in government schools. Their main office at Jhalana Doongri is where tons of food is prepared three times a day with proper hygiene and is transported to more than 200 government schools in and around Jaipur. You can lend a helping hand in their activities or support them online by fundraising, handle social media, etc.

Check this for more details.



Ladli runs a vocational training program for street children in Jaipur. Since Jaipur is the city that ace in jewelry making and handicrafts, Ladli train these street kids to make these items which are then put on sale that helps in their providing them with schooling, clothing and other basic requirements.

Visit their website for more.



Goonj focuses on addressing clothing needs of the needy by catering them with unused material which they collect via their volunteers. Goonj is at present active in 22 states of India, and you can help with many of their projects like Goonj ki Gullak , organize a Goonj collection camp, spreading awareness et al.

Visit their website for more details.

So, superhero! there is a lot to be done and you have so little time, sign up right away and help in making the world a better place.

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