August 16, 2018
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Ditch him, Ladies! Soha Ali Khan tells us 5 Reasons why Urban women don’t need husbands anymore

  • by Hitesha Utmani
  • March 23, 2018

Does he know that you like your eggs fried and not boiled? Or does he remember your monthly anniversary? And remember that time you were waiting for him for hours because he forgot that you guys had plans? Urban women these days love their maids more than they love their husbands. And it is pretty safe to say that you too probably need a supporting hand after your husband wrecks a havoc over your house when he leaves for the office. Soha tells us why we 21st century women don’t need husbands anymore-

He doesn’t do your laundry

No day should be laundry day.  A day next to the washing machine is like whirling vortex that you want to fall into and die. The detergent becomes the stuff of nightmares. And then who wants to pick his dirty, stinking socks? and the gazillion clothes that he changes in a day. But thankfully Uclean comes to rescue. Uclean uses the best in class laundry equipments and detergents. Their operations are managed by laundry experts so you can just stop worrying about that really expensive suit, eh?

He can’t even get you a maid. Nobody can get you a maid


It takes three to fix a marriage. You, him and a therapist maid. You know what’s the biggest first world problem these days? You can never find a maid in this god damn world. And then when you do it’s so hard to convince them that you’re the boss. Its okay if he doesn’t come home from office for a day but god forbid if the maid doesn’t show up. Well, guess what. Uclean provides you with easy solutions to all your Bai problems just with an easy mobile app at cost effective rates.


His supporting skills are hitting rock bottom


No matter how much they say that they try really hard but they can’t ever really satisfy you, can they? 😉 Uclean assures you 100% satisfaction. Their services are always available at your doorstep. From laundry to ironing to house cleaning services, they always have your back. With Uclean’s 24 hour service you can totally rely on them for customer support. You can talk to them just as frequently and directly as you talk to your husband’s secretary. 🙂


He complaints while listening to you complaint

Fun Fact- The phrase ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’ is scientifically proven; husbands who have happy wives are more satisfied by their lives. Uclean unlike your husband is always open to your criticism. Now thats’s new ain’t it, ladies?

His watch stops working at all the wrong times

Being married is like having a best friend who can never remember anything you say. Like going for a dinner at Mrs. Sharma’s house or picking up your son from school. But No. You don’t have to call  Uclean 4 times to remind them to be there on time. No, they don’t give you excuses like your husband. Uclean provides easy and convenient services and will always return your laundry within 24 hours.

Watch Soha Ali khan talk about why you need Uclean in your life more than your husband.


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