July 22, 2018
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This Jaipur Brand is selling Awesomest Tribal Jewellery starting 800 INR Only

  • by Ishika
  • April 12, 2017

So, as we headed to the Tattle Tales and made our way around the fashion and lifestyle exhibition and market, our attention was caught by a stall whose exquisite pieces shined just as its name suggests! Jugnee! While their Indian jewelry was quite something, the tribal pieces stole our hearts, for we have not seen such a thing in Jaipur as yet!

Here we give you 5 Reasons why this brand should adorn the collection of every jewelry lover and stylist!


Play Around The Tribal

As much as we all love the hippie and boho looks, it takes some deal to find good stores in the city offering them; until now, Jugnee is here! Their collection of jewelry has a very beautiful play around the traditional tribal jewelry mixed with various metals and alloys.  And their color combinations are so beautiful and vibrant; you just cannot take your eyes off them!

Made In Afghanistan 

The thing about art is, when it is native to a place and you get it done from the experts of it there, it is an unparalleled ecstasy. Done and curated by the artisans of Afghanistan with a hint of royal Rajasthan and colors that are much a blend of the world; you’re nearly symbolizing so many cultures! The best thing, they are amazing statement pieces that stand out in themselves and you need no other accessory for that great look!

Swirl Of Colors!

The most unique thing about their pieces that we felt is the inspirations you see in them. Their colors are rather contemporary, a good experiment of shades and blends with no reserved nature. The designs you’ll see are so unique altogether. From edgy squares to polygons to the royal shields, they’ve got it all.

Indian Traditional Jewellery Too!

They have Polki, Meenakari, Kundan designs beautifully done up in a more modern pattern, that’s what makes them stand out! You’ll see modern designs done in Meenakari and Kundan and the motifs tell a story of their own. (We really could not keep ourselves from trying them on!)

Fair Pricing!

This online jewelry store has much to offer when it comes to Indian or Tribal jewelry, but needless to say, their tribal pieces are a must have for all, especially when this is something you will not find anywhere else in the city. While their Tribal jewelry starts at Rs 800, Indian is Rs 1500 onwards; and trust me when I say this, it’s all worth it!

CJ’s Say…

If you like to play around and be experimental and love pieces that speak for themselves. Order now https://m.facebook.com/JugneeJaipur/

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Facebook Contact: +919987583419

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