August 16, 2018
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UClean | Laundry Startup | Say ‘Good Bye’ To Dirty Laundry Days

  • by Ashutosh
  • March 17, 2018

Let’s face it. No one really likes having to do laundry. Surveys conducted time and again, over various different segments of people, have revealed that washing clothes is one of the least liked chores for an average person. However, instead of dealing with this unenviable task smartly, we usually tend to keep piling up our laundry day after day, leading to a huge pile in a matter of weeks. A pile which looks unsurmountable, and that leaves us with a severe death of clothes to wear.

Aiming to resolve this situation for the millions of Indians who find themselves in similar predicaments is UClean, a laundry startup which is introducing Indians to the joys of wearing clean, ironed clothes with a fraction of the effort. You can simply walk-in to one of UClean’s properties with your stack of dirty clothes, and walk out with clean and shiny ones. This is achieved courtesy of in-place washing machines and dryers that allow you to walk-in and just walk-out, with clean and dry clothes, at highly affordable rates.

The brainchild of Arunabh Sinha, an IIT-ian who found himself in a similar predicament all too often, UClean is building on the success of Laundromats across other countries, and is bringing the concept to India, en-masse. The company which was incepted in 2017, has already scaled its presence to over 15 cities and 50+ Laundromats. The company has been able to achieve this scale in such a short period of time thanks to its innovative approach, a visionary leadership, the franchise model, and finally, the fact that it is addressing a highly pertinent pain point for its end customers.

Arunabh Sinha launched his laundromat business, UClean

The company has already been recognized as the Small Business of the Year 2017 by SME Association of India and the Fastest Growing Franchise Brand 2017 by The Franchise World. Sinha has a number of accolades to his name as well, including the distinction of being recognized as 35 under 35 by the Entrepreneur Magazine. With the company already generating revenue in crores, Sinha now plans to expand his company to the whole country, and ease the cloth washing-ironing woes of Indians across the country. While the journey so far hasn’t been easy, it has certainly been worth it.

The important point to note here, is the fact that Sinha took on an all too unglamorous niche and created a multi-crore company out of it. After all, how many people aspire to create companies that wash clothes? However, creating companies and starting up is not about being glamorous, it’s about finding solutions for pain points, and creating solutions that last. With its innovative approach, UClean is doing nothing short of bringing a paradigm shift to the Indian laundry industry.

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