July 17, 2018
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Artist Nishi Agnihotri Opens Up About How Art Liberates & Reunite Her With Her Late Father

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • October 23, 2017

Anandnishimura is not just another art gallery; it is a token of love, a tribute from a daughter to her father. As we entered the place, an intriguing aroma welcomed us. A smell that made me nostalgic about home. In our little conversation with Nishi Agnihotri, I took a note to express my love for my dad more often than I do. Here are the snippets from our heart-to-heart conversation.

What does ‘Anandnishimura’ means literally?

Late Shri Anand Kishore Agnihotri, my father, the soul and spark of this art gallery and the guiding light of my life is the prime reason why I am here doing what I am doing. I aspired to be a fashion designer and took a degree in the same field from NIFD, Jaipur. But my father who was a much-celebrated artist of his time, wanted me to take his path of realistic art. I never listened to him then, ofcourse. But as the time paced, I found myself estranged from my roots and thus begin the journey of Anandnishimura (Anand= my father, Nishi= myself and Mura= balance).


Why did you quit the glamours & promising career of a fashion designer for the hardships of an independent artist?

See, art has always been a difficult line. It will continue to be so. Quoting my father here, If you have artistic instincts, nothing else would ever succeed to satiate you.” I studied commercial, textile and fashion designing and worked for many fashion houses. But the gigs never made me happy from within. As our tagline says, Art is what you feel from inside”, we don’t believe in forging art, we take it as a medium of liberation and jubilation. At that point, juggling with the pressure to excel in the field of my choice, I was on a verge of despair. I finally decided to follow my calling to paint my heart out.

How do you see art as a commercial entity?

My father never considered money as a factor. After completing his studies at J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai and working as a textile designer in Lahore for a while, he moved to Jaipur from Kanpur with absolutely nothing. His first artwork, here as an independent artist, got him just 5 bucks. He rose from ashes to become one of the most celebrated artists of the city. He served as a lecturer at Rajasthan School of Art and taught many prominent people, like Princess Diya Kumari, Jaishree Periwal,  Anjali Kothari of Kothari Jewels, Mala Mathur, etc. I remember, he got an opportunity to move to the USA, the stint surely promised good amount but he chose to stay back and foster art here itself.

My father, never let the urge to earn surpass the urge to create meaningful art. Ours is an open gallery, we wish to expand and provide a platform to other artists in future. We feature works of my father’s students here, at times. But I would never turn this place into a center of trade. I don’t want to hire artists and sell their work for hefty commission. Artists crave for appreciation and recognition, money is obviously an important aspect but money alone would never serve our purpose.

While browsing through the gallery, we didn’t had our eyes shut for a second. The colors filled our insides with a sense of joy that we failed to contain within ourselves. Have a look at the wonderful creations of Nishi Agnihotri and you shall understand what I am trying to say, cause my words fail me here.

Should you wish to buy a couple of these scintillating art pieces or get one customised piece for yourself, visit them.

Address: Anandnishimura, Near Akshardham Temple, Shop no-78, Govind Nagar, Akshardham Road, Vaishali Nagar

Call at: 9828124439

Check them out on Facebook


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