June 19, 2018
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Restaurateurs Rejoice! The Food Craft Company Is Here To Help through All Your Restauranteering Challenges

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • October 14, 2017

How many cafes and restaurants have you seen opening up in Jaipur in the past 2 years? 20-30, maybe more! And how many of them have you seen shutting down, all this while?

The upsurge of ‘dining-out’ culture in the town has led to opening up of many amazing hang-out places for us Jaipurites. But the shocking reality is that not all these places become a fad and gain popularity. Running successful outlets got tricky economics to it, in fact, most of them die a silent death, while the established players always tend to capture the complete market.

So, what’s the secret behind the success of these popular names in the Food & Beverages business? Well, we can’t tell you that but we can tell you who can answer the big questions for you. It is none other than ‘The Food Craft Company’.

Who are they?

Led by founder partners Aditya Basu, Rajat Jain, Ronak Maheshwari & Ujjwal Gupta, The Food Craft Co. is a team of young & passionate entrepreneurs who come with a vast experience in the industry. All four of them have their unique abilities and experience that could help you to transform your restaurant dream into a successful reality. Their stints with brands like Hilton, Marriott, ITC Hotels, Westin, Moustache Headquarters and other top-notch brands, truly justify their sheer talent, their journey is clearly driven by passion.

What do they do?

Whether you’re a one-unit company or a 300-location concept; when you need to improve, grow, transform or just wish to bring an idea through development, The Food Craft Co. should be your one-stop destination for all.

They have a vast kind of services for you and for your restaurant. Services like Inception of Concept Development, Brand Management, Marketing, Branding, Space Ideation, Human Resource Management, Sales Funnel Growth, Financial Assistance,  and whatnot for you. So don’t hesitate to connect with them, whatsoever be your query.

The Food Crafters will always hold your back with a smile. In their words, their mission is “to develop a brand so that it can realize its full potential, while conquering all challenges and the rest can be a history.” Isn’t that your goal too?

Contact Details

You can write to them at pause@foodcraftcompany.in or give them a call at +91-99286519171 (Ronak Maheshwari), +91-9799999801 (Rajat Jain)

For more details, visit  www.foodcraftcompany.in

We hope to see more restaurants & cafes coming up super soon!


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