July 22, 2018
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Treasure Trove Of Fresh & Authentic Bengali Ingredients, Sweets, Ready-To-Fry Food & Much More Unearthed In Jaipur

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • April 8, 2017

Most of us have moved from our homeland to other places for one reason or the other and one thing that we miss the most is – food. Aroma of our favourite delicacies, cooked with authentic ingredients, this sheer sense of nostalgia lingers on in our memories forever.
Estranged from roots, surviving in a place with unfamiliar socio-cultural habits and preferences, we long for that whiff of belongingness. As a memoir of home ,no matter how small and insignificant, is enough to mend our ever ailing nostalgic hearts .

Fret No More! Just Bengali is here to heal your nostalgic heart and bring to your doorstep an array of products,to help you relive your memories from Home.

Just Bengali is an online portal dedicated to deliver authentic Bengali products from including spices, exotic vegetables, tea, ready to fry food, raw fish, mutton ,chicken,sweets et al and also puja items . These items are sourced from C.R. Park Market which happens to be Mecca of Bengalis in Delhi NCR.
C.R. Park is famous for its vendors selling authentic Bengalis sweets, street food and many other things in the same fashion like that you witness back in Calcutta.
So,Gone are the days of stuffing refrigerator with stacks of packets, that you religiously source from each of your trips to Bengal ,because now, you can avail all these products online ,which is, just a click away.
Throw a party for Bengali friends or invite non-Bengalis to boast of your culinary skills and now cooked with authentic and fresh products sourced from Just Bengali,would be enough to propel you in the limelight
Just Bengali is an initiative of Createcomm Tech Private Limited, which is a community based e-commerce venture.
After four months of successful operations in Delhi NCR, Just Bengali is being launched in Jaipur on April 15.
Grab your deal now on Just Bengali and bask in the glory!

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