Winters are here and its the season when your lips start to dry and peel off. Are you also worried about them? Well, here are some natural home remedies that are great to restore, moisture and soften your lips in no time. 

  1. A mixture of honey and vaseline helps in moisturizing, nourishing and softening lips.
  2. Coconut oil which is rich in Vitamin E helps in hydrating your lips and repair the damaged cells.
  3. Apply jojoba oil to your lips. It can restore cracked lips and moisten it.
  4. Apply aloe vera gel to your lips. It helps in moisturizing and healing the damaged lips.
  5. One of the reasons for lips to peel is Dehydration. So keep yourself well hydrated by drinking lots of water every day.
  6. Rub a slice of cucumber on your lips. Its the best for getting rid of inflammation and dryness of lips.

6. Mix rose petals with milk they have skin nourishing properties that can hydrate your lips.

7. Sugar and honey when mixed together, can restore the natural softness of your lips.

8. Do you drink green tea to loose weight? Well, what if they have other benefits too. Wet green tea bags can moisten and nourish your lips when applied for 4-5 minutes.