July 22, 2018
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10 Demonetisation Memes From Twitter That Are Way Too Hilarious

Recently it was demonetisation’s first anniversary and we decided to make sure that we celebrate it. Memes are the perfect way to communicate these days so we could not find a better way to take up the anniversary.

Let’s be real, we all went through the ‘Change Hai Kya?’ struggle atleast once during demonetisation.

So here we found 10 memes from Twitter to make sure demonetisation is remembered as a hilarious turn taken by PM Narendra Modi.

Arijit ka gaana toh banta hai!

Change nahi hai, Pulse de raha hun 

No offence to all the Salman fans but this is hilarious!

The new notes are in the color Space Grey and Rose Gold

Long queues but the ATMs ran out of cash!

Things and meanings change with time, right?

“Desh Ke Liye Line Mein Lagna Chahta Hun”

Irrespective of the haphazard, girls will be girls.

Ab Queues mein Dangal Hoga.

Nothing felt better, seriously.

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