August 16, 2018
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9 Powerful Things That Happened At Power2Her, Day 1

  • by Saloni Jain
  • April 25, 2017
Power2her is a group of women working together to facilitate a platform for women entrepreneurs, who are currently running small to medium business, and providing them with support and guidance to achieve financial independence creating jobs for other women.
Today, on 25th April, at ITC Rajputana Hotel, Power2Her successfully hosted its first day and here are all the things that you need to know about its procession.

The Empowerment Talk

This talk involved viewpoints of these successful female professionals who had the courage to do something extraordinary. The session revolved around why women should be economically empowered and how can they gather finances.
The panelists were:
1. Ms. Aparna Sahay (Retired RAS officer)
2 .Ms. Chavi Rajawat (Village Sarpanch)
3. Ms. Alka Batra (Owner AEGIS recruitment agency, Ex- president FICCI FLO)
4. Ms. Archana Surana (Owner ARCH Academy of design)

Talent Display

“Make your passion your paycheck.”

And in order to help those women who are passionate about their work, an exhibition was set up. The stalls in the exhibitiom displayed powerful talents of various professional women as well as self help groups.
Some of them were: Zarsa: a unit of ethnic footwear, Aanchal’s Creation for designer indian wear, The Victory Store for fat free products, Jenne Suri’s tarot card, Femme Designers, Desserts 83 and a lot more.

Latest Job Trends And Women

It had a session with professional HR who talked about the current perspective on hiring women thus making it simpler for women to understand the corporate sector. With knowledge directly given by professionals, this session was really informative.

The panelists involved:
1. Ms. Alka Batra ( Owner AEGIS recruitment agency, Ex- president FICCI FLO)
2. Mr. Mathur ( Owner RACE recruitment agency)
3. Ms. Gauree Singh (owner Bawali travel compamy for women, ex Vodafone HR)
4. Ms. Sonal upadhyay (Pratham software)

Nukkad Natak By Asmita Theatre Group

Extremely talented Asmita Theatre Group are also performing in this event, on both days. They delivered a very informative, well practiced street play on Food for brain – Street plays on women empowerment.


From Indian wear, ethnic footwears, cupcakes, jewellery to home decors, expect to find stalls for all sort of things a woman needs. Their productions are really unique and beautiful and will definitely win your heart. 

Conversation By Women About Women

Tasneem Khan, an author and journalist, talked about how women as parents need to support kids to bring change and let the daughter dream big . 150 kgs to one of the leading fitness trainer, Anupriya engaged the audience about how to push oneself and never give up and also explained why is it important for women to exercise and stay fit.


Women tend to converse easily with each other and this is why, networking for them isn’t hard. Power2Her became a platform for similar minded women and women sharing similar passion, therefore, serving as the best event for networking.

Men And Women Equally Participating

Without men accepting and being a part of such events, women empowerment is difficult. But, the audience and the panelists were not just females but males too! In fact the number of participants were astoundingly equal. This shows that Power2Her is already heading towards achieving it’s aim towards women empowerment and changing existing male mindset.

A Take On Women Health (Both Mental And Physical)

Health is wealth and without health, wealth wouldn’t come your way. Meaning? If you aren’t healthy physically and mentally, your work will be affected. This session was an eye opener for a lot of women who tend to sideline their health and work too much. The panelists also talked about various symptoms and common health issues that are usually not paid attention to.

The panelists involved:

  1.  Dr. Maj. Meeta Singh – Retired Army doctor working for women and girl child reproductive health and other issues
  2. Cardiologist – Dr. Nitin Kansal
  3. Oncologist- L M Sharma
  4. General Physician- Sanjay Mehendiratta
  5. Psychologist- Nabonita S Banerjee
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