June 20, 2018
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A La Carte at Lé Spring! Ready for 2017

  • by Ishika
  • December 30, 2016

Ever since Demonetization hit us, money is even more Money(ier), you know valuable! And no doubts about it that Lé Spring feels kind of same. How we know that? Well, this super classy restaurant in Vaishali Nagar, has decided to give out an A La Carte for you patrons on the New Year’s Eve!

Why spend so much on the dishes you don’t want when you can make your pick and relish it well?

That’s right! For the BBQ and Grill lovers out there, dine in the Buffet at Rs 599 and Rs 699 (plus taxes) [Guess what? It includes a welcome drink too! And did I mention, at the rooftop?] What’s even cooler is that there will be Early Bird Discounts of 10 % for guests ordering before 8pm. Now I am definitely saving a seat for myself!

What if you can’t travel to Europe for the New Year’s Eve, Le Spring gives you all the right feels with their Modern Indian and European dishes; signatures being the Le Spring Parmesan Veloute, Burnt Garlic Oatmeal Streusel, Amritsari Kulcha Stuffing Burger, Le Spring Semolina Golgappa and Caviar, pulled Jackfruit Cannelloni and much more! For non-veg lovers too, there is a Longggg list of delicacies- Herb Cured Chicken with Smoked Butter Mash, Pan Roasted Salmon Fillet with Lemon and Shitake Dashi to name a few.

Last meal of the year has got to be special! So see you at the Lé Spring then?

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