August 14, 2018
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jaipur student entrepreneurship fest

6 Reasons Why JSEF Served As The Best Platform For Students Of Jaipur

  • by Saloni Jain
  • May 11, 2017

Global College For Entrepreneurship and Commerce, Jaipur and Neerja Modi School, Jaipur, jointly organized the second edition of Jaipur Student Entrepreneurship Fest on May 11th at Neerja Modi School. It was a fun-filled, enthralling experience for all the attendees. The fest comprised of a speaker session and a series of business-themed competitions. While the theme of the speaker session revolved around increasing suicide cases amongst teenagers & why is it important to pursue one’s dreams and not do something that is forced by peers, the competitions aimed at promoting the concept of thinking out of the box. Sounds interesting, right?

And for those of you who could not attend this awesome fest, Connect Jaipur noted down all the important details. Have a look!

Participants From Different Schools 

JSEF was open to all the school students who want to stand out and do something different but are not able to gather enough courage, or, are unaware of what is their interest. Students from different schools who attended this fest were encouraged to explore their passion and stir their entrepreneurial spirit.

Speakers Excelling In Distinct Fields 

The speaker session had Rajasthan’s top RJ, Ravindra Singh, who is also the founder of The Poetry Recitals (platform for aspiring poets and shayars), Forbes Asia 2016 ’30 under 30′ social entrepreneur Yashveer Singh who is the director at Ashoka Foundation, and utterly famous Viner, Ashish Chanchalani, as the speakers. With speakers from different backgrounds, the attendees got to know more about acting, business, poetry, RJ as their career options.

P.S. Did you know that apart from a funny viner, Ashish is a civil engineer?

What The Speakers Talked About

RJ Ravindra Singh of 93.5 Red FM talked about his journey as an RJ explaining how he started from scratch and became this popular. He also pointed out that one shouldn’t be left heartbroken because of failure and that one can do anything with patience and passion. He also encouraged the hidden poets among the crowd by inviting them to his club, The Poetry Recitals.

Yashveer Singh told how a person can be a change maker and foremost aspects leading to it: empathy, creative problem solving & teamwork. He also talked about various success stories under Ashoka Foundation and answered questions like “What should one do that the world take a queue from it” & “When is the time to stop things”. 

Vine maker, Ashish Chanchalani briefed the audience with his struggle of 2 years, 400 failed videos, from 200 followers to 1 million followers on Instagram and his life as an ordinary student. He told how being caught for mimicking one of his teachers, he got noticed by another teacher and ended up acting in a drama. He explained to the attendees that one could use the internet as a wide platform to show his acting, singing, dancing or any other skills.

Messages Transferred By The Speakers

The main message that all these speakers conveyed was regarding how to dream big, work for it with patience and passion, face the failure, and most importantly, not shying away from taking a permanent step because of temporary failure and feelings.

Interaction & Selfie Session With The Speakers And Specialists

jaipur student entrepreneurship fest

The attendees got a chance to interact and talk directly to the speakers as well as Mr Paresh Gupta & Mrs Pooja Gupta, founders of GCEC, Nikhil Agarwal, CEO & Co-Founder of Dream Wallets and Mrs Priyanka Jain, Coordinator-E Cell, Neerja Modi School. They also met and clicked selfies with the speakers.

Cool Competitions For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Students from various schools participated in the interesting competitions like English debate, ad-mad, business quiz, business plan. These competitions helped participants understand entrepreneurship better and develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Some of the mind-boggling idea put forward by the students were: organic plastic-Plankton, a website to provide mom like services-Momastic, an app to promote sports-Chronos, disposable period underwear-Wefree.

All in all, JSEF proved to be the need of the hour encouraging students to think and work differently. It also succeeded in providing them with the courage to dream big and work hard for it.

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