July 22, 2018
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8 Reasons Why Jaipur’s Annie Basent Hostel Will Be A Gem Of Hostels In India

  • by Dipali Khandelwal
  • April 27, 2017

Annie Basent will be revamped and equipped with many hi-tech facilities like biometric scanners, gym, ATM kiosk etc., making it the first hostel to get such amenities in the country. Take a note people, our government college’s hostel is going to beat all the private ones with its new facilities and infrastructure and icing of the knitted bond that the hostellers share here.

So here are the eight pointers explaining the awesomeness of the oldest hostel of Jaipur.

Biometric Scanners, CCTV Cameras & Security


The new plan aims to equip this old hostel with modern amenities keeping girl’s safety and comfort in mind. CCTV cameras have been installed and bio-metric scanners which will keep a record of every hosteller’s entry and exit will be put up soon. Apart from this, there are very nice arrangements to ensure the security of students.

Gymnasium & Health Centre


The newly charted project also proposes the construction of private gym complex and health center for the hostel. City girls, you’re about to get some fitness goals and complexes from Annie Basent-ites!

Prime Location


The hostel is located in Ashok  Nagar, C-Scheme. C-scheme people C-Scheme, need we say more? From best lounges to restaurants to malls and even crossword, you get it all here.

Counselling Sessions


The warden Daisy Sharma announced that the hostel girls will soon have access to counselors with whom they can discuss their problems, career issues, etc. In today’s age where a lot of students quit on life because of stress and pressure, this is a much need step, indeed.

ATM Kiosk


Cash crunch? What’s that? Annie Basent dwellers will soon have an ATM booth right in their hostel premises. So no worries about losing cash!

Big Lawns, Verandas & Fountains


The hostel traces its history ages back and thus it is blessed with astonishing heritage architecture. They got big breezy lawns to walk or study or just to sit under the sun and even a fountain the premises itself. Yes, a fountain in the hostel, no kidding!

Girls, Gossips & Parties


Girls hostels are all about all-nighters, re-runs of Pretty Little Liars and The Notebook, food, more food, beauty sessions and partiesssss!

Skip the unofficial ones, Annie Basent hosts at least five official parties each year, viz., Welcome Party, Thanks Giving Party, Farewell and the most sizzling- The Annie Basent Night.



The hostel conducts many workshops on personality development, self-defense, stress management, et al. And now, the students will even get a guest lecture in every 15 days primarily focusing on life skills and women issues.

Easy Public Transport Accessibility 


Maharani College has a stand-alone bus stop of itself where every bus, mark it, every bus going on every route in the city stops. And C-scheme is an easy location so no banter with the cabbie. Plus the hostel is just 10 minutes drive away from Chandpole Metro Station. Oh! Wish my life was this sorted too.

My Bucket List: Live in a hostel at least once in a lifetime.

Correction: Live in Annie Basent Hostel at least once in a lifetime.

Thug life!

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